Dreaming of dying, what anguish. But what does it mean
to dream of dying and a “typical” dream, that is, one of those dreams that we all, sooner or later, find ourselves experiencing in the dream world. Those dreams that refer to those symbolic elements used indiscriminately by humanity to represent the same thing in a dream are called “typical”. Dreaming of dying is definitely a distressing dream. Often we try to remove the memory immediately and in any case we talk about it reluctantly, fearing it is a premonitory dream. But what does it mean
Seldom is such a dream a harbinger of a premonition. For example, it is said that President Abraham Lincoln and the great John Lennon had a vision of their imminent death in a dream. It is also said that the dream anticipates both of them even the way in which they were killed. But we know well that the exceptions still confirm the rule. And the rule is that dreaming of dying is rarely a premonitory dream. Seeing one’s death in a dream can, on the contrary, be taken as a warning, an invitation to be more prudent, to pay more attention to one’s health, not to take unnecessary risks, avoiding dangerous situations. In popular tradition, dreaming of dying is true or not that it is said that it “extends life” From a psychological point of view
From the point of view of psychology, death in dreams takes on an ambivalent, indeed, antithetical symbolism, which connotes it rather as the announcement of a rebirth , that of the archetype of the end and the beginning, present in every culture. since the dawn of time. Consider, for example, the celebratory ceremonies of the rites of passage of some ethnic groups in West Africa which, even today, contemplate ritual deaths for propitiatory purposes.
Death is the state that allows the “passage” to other worldsand therefore other possibilities, new states of being and takes on a symbolic meaning linked to transformation, detachment, the need to change. Change is the origin and explanation of fear. And the fear of the unknown that we are about to live in, in a darkness that instead represents everything we do not know. If the dreamer is experiencing a particularly difficult and heavy situation, the dream dying can be compared to an “escape” from it, from the ensuing responsibilities and that perhaps he is not able to fully support. If you have dreamed of dying
It can happen to dream of being very close to one’s death but of waking up a moment before the end, or of dying a violent death: strangled, with a gunshot, stabbed. Some people even report having experienced even intense physical sensations experienced in the dream as real: the heart that stopped, the blood leaking from the wound.
We have seen how dreaming of dying can indicate the desire for renewal and rebirth of those who dream. The dream, however, can also be generated by the fear of dyingof those who dream. Fear of death is natural especially in a culture like ours. It may happen that at some point in life some events lead us to reflect more on it. The death in general, that of others, of a loved one or one’s own must be accepted as a part of life, necessary for life itself. A moment to live without being afraid of the eternal moment it represents. Finally, the dream can represent the extreme ratio for escaping from a very oppressive and frustrating situation or relationship that the dreamer is experiencing , and of which he feels so oppressed as to articulate the extreme attempt to escape. What does it mean to dream of dying Drowned:you feel water in your throat. You have important decisions to make or you feel overwhelmed by problems, in short, you are going through a really bad period of your life. The solution may lie in the first thing you connect to your drowning in a dream. Burned: burning with desire, burning with anger. There are different ways of saying that in current language they make fire and flames. Since at the end of the dream there is death, the meaning of the dream is connected to all those situations that, lately, have been able to hurt or anger you, so much so that your blood boils. Here, too, the first thing that comes to mind could be the resolution of the problem. Crushed: aEven this dream is typical of those who feel an excessive weight on themselves due to the responsibilities and problems of their daily life, which, in the metaphorical sense of the variant of the dream, crushes them with its weight. You need to get out of this tunnel of negativity. Cancer : there is a person or a problem that wears you down personally. Cancer represents something or someone in your life that harms you physically and psychologically. But who
Only in this way will you be able to have the most appropriate possible explanation of the dream. Heart attack: syou are too impulsive. In life, sometimes it is necessary to count to ten, and if it is not enough, continue to twenty and even thirty, in order to regain control of your emotions so as to face situations with the necessary calm and lucidity. Surely it will be useful to prevent a heart attack from really catching you in reality. And to resurrect : it is the dream that best represents his dream motivation. Whoever dreams is experiencing a moment of passage in his life and as always, he feels a part of himself dying but immediately sees another come to light. The dream is typical of moments of great transition: from school to work, from the life of an engaged couple to marriage and so on. In war:certainly it must not be a good moment what you are going through, since the dream proposes it as a war. Nothing strange then that you want to finish it quickly. The only way seems to be to reach the goal without looking anyone in the face. In a road or plane accident: despite your best efforts, there have been or will be situations that you cannot control, which will lead you to have to make both positive and negative choices. This is life, you must know how to accept fate and be ready to react in situations of greatest difficulty. Suddenly:if you have planned something important, take into account the possibility of a project stoppage as something could stand between you and its realization. Perhaps the undertaking was too difficult for your possibilities. Childbirth: if you are thinking of moving abroad, this dream portends luck and excellent opportunities in the professional field. It seems strange, but that’s it: take advantage of it now and take all the necessary actions to move there as soon as possible. Dream of dying and becoming a ghost
Have you ever dreamed of dying and becoming a ghost
This dream depicts the situation of your sentimental situation: you are very jealous people, and you would like to make yourself invisible to keep your partner under control, stealing all their moves and movements. If, on the other hand, you understand that you are dreaming of suffocating , it means that something is so close to you that it suffocates you. So, if you haven’t wrapped the sheets around your neck, it is your daily problems that suffocate your dreams: work or school, family, love. Something is oppressing you, and is not allowing you to be as free as you would like.
This is the meaning of dreaming of dying. But if you have come this far in reading, you will certainly also be interested in knowing what it means to dream of flying in an airplaneand rush and eat the sweets in secret . Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Touching a Dead 8
Dying 14
Watching the Dead 15
Dead Resurrecting 17
Seeing Himself Dead in a Dream 18
Suddenly 32
Dead Walking 32
Dead Talking 47
Childbirth 48
A Dead 50
Kissing a Dead 58
And Resurrecting 62
Shaking hands with a deceased 68
A dead person in bed 81
From sickness 84
From hunger 86
Drowned 87

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