Dreaming of arguing manifests the need to get rid of something. Did you know
Dreaming of arguing is very frequent and usually affects people with a mild and delicate character, who for the quiet life choose to iron out the problems and not to ‘light fuses’ in everyday life. Dreaming of arguing and therefore the dreamlike representation of many retained emotions, which are revealed in the dream and which can therefore make the dreamers startle, causing them to wonder why this dream is so aggressive.
Arguing is an unpleasant gesture, which does not please anyone and which can be interpreted as the inability to express one’s anger, making it flow into the universe of dreams. It therefore becomes important to identify the person with whom we quarreland the context or pretext that triggers the quarrel within the dream. In the dream book, dreaming of a fight has a very specific meaning: the dreamer needs to let off steam and verbally express his disappointment, his anger and even his negative emotions. In dreams the quarrel often takes on the meaning of: hatred, rivalry or resentment. It is a perfectly normal dream, which is an expression of rivalry and resentment and which manifests itself when the dreamer has accumulated tension and frustration in the world of work, in the personal sphere and also in the love one. Arguing with the world in the dream: psychology
From the psychological point of view, dreaming of arguing with everyoneand symptomatic of a feeling of general incomprehension, which derives from the fact that the dreamer is making decisions that encounter the disagreement of many people. Arguing with ‘the world’ in fact means that most of the people who know each other do not agree with the choice, but the dreamer is deeply convinced of his decision and wishes to carry it forward to the end. What does it mean to dream of arguing with a family member,with a brother, sister or parents, it means that something is wrong with the family, and that decisions have been made that do not please the dreamer. Often, for the quiet life, choices are made and it is decided to hold back the anger, but dreaming of arguing with relatives and family members means that the measure is full and that therefore there is the need to face situations head on. With the partner: this dream can reveal dissatisfaction in one’s personal relationship and also the need to communicate to the loved one that something is wrong and has infuriated the dreamer. A circumstance that you need to disclose. Arguing with a friend: this dream is symptomatic of the fact that issues have not been resolved with people we care about a lot, or that we have been hurt by certain attitudes that have affected the sphere of closest friendships. With a dead person and symptomatic that there are unresolved issues and that unfortunately they were not able to settle them before the death of the person in question. This is a very common dream, which usually disappears over time and as events progress. With your boss: this dream means that the professional sphere is not serene and that the dreamer is in disagreement with the top management, or with the daily management of work. This generates a strong feeling of discomfort in the dreamer.Arguing with colleagues: it means that you are in disagreement with particular positions that concern the professional daily life, dreaming of furious arguments with the boss is a matter of principle, as the boss embodies the entire company philosophy. Dreaming of witnessing a quarrel
If you have ever dreamed of witnessing a quarrel, it means that you are fighting inside, to understand whether to take a certain position on a circumstance that concerns you and the people who are particularly dear to you. If, on the other hand, you happen to dream of arguing with a daughter-in-law,in all likelihood you feel the need to externalize your problem to close people, within your family, not in-laws or friends, however close they may be.
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With a dead person 1
With a partner 18
With a friend 18
Arguing 19
With a family member 53

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