Dreaming of a spider is very common and refers to hidden problems or fears, which are hidden in the dreamer’s real life, and to which, in the crucial moment, he cannot find an appropriate solution.
As mentioned, spiders in dreams are not rare and most of the time their interpretation must be seen in the light of a particular moment in the love life, and more specifically on the sexual side. The symbolism of the spider
The spider in tradition brings gain, but on a dream level and symbolically linked to those unconscious contents that are unable to become conscious. Of hidden fearsthat are hidden in the mind of those who dream. Finding a correct interpretation is not always so immediate, and it is essential to pay great attention to details, in order not to leave out anything.
Again from the point of view of symbology, in some cultures the spider is seen as a representation of evil . Like the bat, in fact, it was integrated into amulets or used in rituals to recall the dark forces. Moving towards the East, on the other hand, it represents the cosmic order of things. Meaning in psychology
Of course, those who dream of spiders find themselves experiencing a difficulty, in real life, a psychological block that prevents them from facing the challenges of everyday life in the most appropriate way possible.
According to therapists, the solution to the block lies within the person himself. The help of loved ones, at times, can also be seen as a real obstacle: for this it is necessary to rely on one’s strength and will to get out of a tunnel of uncertainties.
I dreamed of leaving the house. As soon as I walked out the door, without noticing its presence, I stepped on a spider. It has a particular meaning
What this dream can indicate Dreaming of a spider that bites
And among the most common dream representations: dreaming of a spider that bitesit is linked to your fears, which become more pressing every day, and arouse your concern more and more. Your goal is to find a quick solution to unpleasant and highly stressful situations, but you don’t know how to do it. This is why you tend to withdraw into yourself, disappearing from circulation.
An aggressive spider can also be the dream representation of a person to whom you are particularly attached, who is ready – if she has not already done so – to play a “bad trick”. Someone is slowly poisoning your soul, and you probably haven’t noticed it yet: think about the relationships that are affecting you most particularly and generate great stress, perhaps it is appropriate to distance yourself from them decisively. Poisonous: this dream vision means that someone is literally taking your life away. Live in anguish and fear, you cannot lead a common life without anxieties, since problems and your most bitter antagonists are hidden around the corner. Colored spiders in dreams
Each color has a particular symbolism, for this reason if you happen to dream of a yellow spider it means that you are experiencing a strong sense of confidence in yourself, you are ready to take flight after overcoming a strong problem that has marked your love life in an important way. Black: you are experiencing a period of uncertainty, you see everything, in fact, black. The problems can be related to the sentimental sphere, but also to some difficulties in the relationship that you are forced, in spite of yourself, to entertain with some colleagues who are not well disposed towards you. Red : you are experiencing a great love passion, but at the same time you feel oppressed by the partner who wants to have total control over you. Gray : Something in your life is changing, and this time for the better. A positive evolution is around the corner, and you will finally be able to smile at the world, without fear of the judgments of others, and with an ever-renewed confidence. The size of spiders in the dream
Not only the colors, also the dimensions make the difference. If you happen to dream of a giant spider , or in any case large, it means that someone is oppressing you. You are unable to handle the pressures and are constantly anxious and stressed, sometimes fearful of your enemy’s possible retaliation. You don’t know how to deal with the situation, you need help. Small : you find yourself facing a small obstacle in your love life, some minor misunderstandings that make it difficult for you to have a relationship with your partner. These are not insurmountable issues, but the lack of dialogue makes the situation very heavy and the risk that your relationship may face a premature end. Many and in groups: you are suffocated by more people, everyone expects a lot from you, but you are not able to live in the right quiet and tranquility. You would like to cut the rope and disappear, but your sense of responsibility and belonging prevents you from taking extreme actions. Dreaming of a spider: other meanings
If you happen to dream of a spider and step on it, it means that you are freeing yourself, step by step, a little at a time, of your innermost worries. The path to achieving the goal was not easy at all, but you are coming out of it as winners. You must continue to be strong, with a specific goal in mind. With its web: you have been entangled in an unpleasant situation, bigger than you, and you are unable to find a solution to free yourself. You are deeply afraid of not being able to free yourself, and you suffer from this situation. In the ear : some bad counselors are trying to mislead you so that you don’t reach your big goal. That becomes a butterfly : you are maturing, you are evolving into something better: people with a new and ever-renewed spirit. Under the skin: it is a vision that warns you to be careful, because someone, in the shadows, is plotting against you. It is not known for what.
If you have come this far in reading, in all probability it might interest you to know what it means to dream of worms that crawl or stumble and fall into the void . Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Spider 3 Web 28
Web 30
By day 39
Crushed 76
That catches a fly 40
On the wall 83

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