What does it mean to dream of the cemetery
Walking in a cemetery, even more so if we are alone and in the evening, is an experience that makes many melancholy and, above all, a little anxiety and fear. In the same way, dreaming of a cemetery can be an experience that creates a little anxiety upon waking, nothing strange.
If you have come this far, in all probability, you are wondering what it means to dream of the cemetery : we will now try to answer your questions. Dreaming of cemeteries is worrying
The answer is not unique, because, as you know, every dream has more meanings and in the same way dreaming of a cemeteryit can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the context of the dream itself. It certainly does not mean that you will face possible mourning in the coming times. Don’t worry too much. What does it mean to dream of the cemetery at night
A rather dark and frightening dream image for many, but the fact of dreaming of the cemetery at night should not make you anxious, in fact it means that in the near future you will be able to take a big step: that of buying a living with a person you love very much, in all likelihood your partner or partner. Meaning in psychology
If in general, according to the modern interpretation of dreams, to dream of a cemeteryindicates the desire to get away from the difficulties of everyday life, according to psychology the meaning is different. In particular, a recent line of research sees in the cemetery the symbol of the inability to detach from an important person, with whom we have shared unforgettable moments. In particular, we mean the difficulty of abandoning the memory of an ex-boyfriend, from whom we separated in a stormy way, despite the fact that the relationship worked well.
Not only that: if you are wondering the meaning of dreaming of a cemetery, it is possible that you are linked to the memory of a particular event, concluded, but that you are unable in any way to archive. It can be an event that made you suffer and at the same time reflect. The way to detach oneself from it and try to distance oneself from the people and places that may be connected to that memory, at least for the time necessary to overcome the still open wound . What does it mean to dream of entering the cemetery, going out, walking in it
If you happen to dream of entering the cemetery, it means that we have a lot of worries about the future. The fact of crossing the gates of the cemetery, in the dreamlike dimension, refers to the uncertainty about the choices made for one’s future and to the fear of what may depend on one’s decisions, in the workplace, but also in family and friends.
When you dream instead of leaving the cemetery , the reference is certainly very positive. After a very tough period to deal with, with difficulties in the workplace or in the relationship with a very dear person, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Misunderstandings will begin to smooth out, while in the workplace it is possible that relationships with co-workers or superiors may improve. What does it mean to dream of walking in a cemetery
Has it ever happened to you
? The meaning is quite immediate: we are in a moment in which we need to reflect and clear our minds. Tombs and niches do not represent dead people, but a series of opportunities – some propitious and others not – that we will have to carefully consider, to avoid taking risks. Dreaming of the cemetery at night, destroyed, abandoned – meaning
According to psychologists, the fact of dreaming about the cemeteryat night it means that we are considering buying a new home for us or to share with loved ones. For the modern interpretation of dreams, however, it means that we are experiencing a period of bewilderment, which prevents us from sleeping at night and does not make us feel calm. Two visions – and evident – very different from each other.
Have you ever dreamed of a destroyed cemetery and walking inside
it? The meaning is simpler than you might think: you often think of ended love relationships or the difficult relationship of the past with your mother or father. It is a way to strengthen yourself and understand how your personal situation in the present is better than what you understood to be living in the past.
If, on the other hand, you happen to see an abandoned cemetery in a dream , it means that at this moment of your life you are experiencing a very strong sense of loss and insecurity. You have entered a vortex of anxieties and worries – often insignificant, but which make you suffer – which do not allow you to think clearly and make the most correct choices for your future. Talking to a loved one, a relative, or seeing a psychologist could be of enormous help. If you dream of a forgotten cemetery , however, you are going through a similar period of life, in which you feel too little taken into consideration: making this present to the people around you is undoubtedly the best choice you could make.The other meanings of dreaming of a cemetery
It happens and it is not so rare to dream of not finding a person’s grave . The meaning of the dream is very immediate, because it refers to our inability to relate to a friend or family member with whom there has been some friction in the past. The possibility of resolving misunderstandings is there, but you will have to be good at contacting this person, putting aside pride and committing yourself to taking the first step.
If you have ever dreamed of going to the cemetery and bringing flowersto a deceased person, in all likelihood you are thinking of going to visit a person with whom you have had a very close relationship, but whom you have recently lost sight of: this is not someone you have had an argument with, simply a friend or an old schoolmate you haven’t seen for a long time, perhaps because he lives in a very distant city. Under the circumstances, you will not go to see him empty-handed, but you will bring a present with you.
When in a dream you see a country cemetery , the reference is to a person who may have repented. This is someone who had caused us great sorrow and until now had not had the courage to put aside pride and apologize. Now that time has come.What does it mean to dream of an acquaintance who died in the cemetery
. Has it ever happened to you?
When in a dream we see someone we know dead, but of whom we were not aware of the death, it means that soon someone will return from your past to occupy your life. But be careful, because it could be a dream with a positive but also a negative omen.
On the one hand, in fact, it could be an old flame or a dear friend who suddenly decided to take an important step, because he has long been secretly in love with us. There could be an important step on his part, which could also be crowned with a flash wedding. But at the same time, it could indicate the return of a person who made us suffer, and that after a little estrangement has decided to come back to bother us. There may also be the limits of stalking in his persistent behavior. Buying one’s place in the cemetery: meaning of the dream
If we dream of buying our place in the cemetery, it means that we have understood our place in the world. The interpretations of the dream vision could be multiple, and the first refers directly to the professional sphere. After a long period in which you have not been able to carve out your dimension, you have understood what your direction should be. This could also lead you to quit your current job to pursue your dream. You could open your own business or find work in a company that can enhance your skills.
But it is also likely that in the near future you will understand what you want to do with your relationship: if the relationship is very good, the next step could be, for example, to get pregnant, if instead it hasn’t gone as long as it should, the solution that comes before you is that of a consensual separation and without friction that can damage your children. Meaning of the dream and lot numbers
Cemetery 77
Abandoned 53
Walking there 35
Entering it 16
Bringing flowers 52

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