During the day, between bad habits and stress, our body accumulates an enormous amount of toxins that it is difficult to expel. The lymphatic system collects waste substances, toxins and excess fluids, so as to favor elimination. In the event that the action carried out by our body is not sufficient, it is possible to resort to draining herbs . Effective natural remedies to stimulate diuresis and eliminate excess fluids .
Juniper, Green Tea, Goldenrod, Birch, Pilosella, Orthosiphon and Horsetail are just some of the herbs that are used to make natural draining supplements that stimulate diuresis andeliminate excess fluids . Let’s find out in the article what their benefits are and how to use them.

When to use draining herbs
Today we tend to lead a fairly hectic lifestyle that inevitably leads to the accumulation of high levels of stress, as well as toxins in the body. All this triggers more or less important criticisms that affect our physical and mental well-being . The digestive system is certainly very exposed and for this reason it is important to use natural remedies that allow you to overcome these numerous annoyances.
As we mentioned earlier, the health of our body also depends on the elimination of toxins and waste. If this does not happen, it is normal to feel signs of fatigue that do not allow you to live the days with the right energy charge. This is why draining herbs are recommended for those who feel a constant sense of swelling , those who need a purification of the body and for those who want to keep body weight under control by draining excess fluids . What are the best draining herbs to stimulate diuresis and eliminate excess fluids
When a balanced diet is adopted and carried out regularly

sporting activities it will also be possible to use draining herbs to face everyday life with greater momentum and obtain the desired ideal weight . Let’s see which are the draining herbs that cannot be missing in your cleansing routine .
Juniper seeds promote digestive function , drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract , with a diuretic activity. In addition, they also perform purifying and draining functions on both the kidneys and the lymphatic system, freeing the body from toxins and waste.
Besidesreactivating the metabolism , Green Tea , rich in polyphenols, helps eliminate swelling and fight free radicals , reduces water retention and activates a purifying effect on the toxins collected during the day.
Thanks to its diuretic and purifying action , the Goldenrod is very useful in the presence of water retention and cellulite blemishes , favoring the drainage of excess fluids and the correct functioning of the urinary tract.
The leaves and buds of the Birch , rich in flavonoids, have a diuretic action, lymphatic drainage , urinary tract antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. By stimulating diuresis, it facilitates the elimination of water and accelerates the processes of urination, also acting against water retention .
Thanks to its strong draining action, Pilosella helps eliminate toxins from the body . Horsetail and Orthosiphon leaves perform a drainage action of body fluids . Furthermore, the high concentration of flavonoids within the Horsetail allows to overcome the problem of localized swelling .

Good habits and herbal draining supplements
After draining your body thoroughly, don’t forget to drink plenty of water , especially when temperatures rise and you tend to sweat, thus losing a lot of mineral salts. At first glance, taking a lot of water might seem like a contradiction when it comes to eliminating excess fluids , but in reality, doing so favors digestion and in particular intestinal movement . As a direct consequence, constipation problems are also avoided and not only that, carbohydrates and fats will be absorbed by the body with a certain regularity.
Eating fresh food and not neglecting the correct intake of vitamins are other fundamental aspects to regain your well-being. When your owndiet will be integrated with draining herbs and finally, it is essential to get enough sleep to increase the amount of cortisol, useful for controlling body weight .
The assortment of draining herbs includes various products in liquid form, in tablets or pocket drinks. The latter must be diluted in water and are practical to use when out and about. Depending on the type of supplement, it can be taken up to twice a day and when the main meals are consumed.
In any case, the herbs that stimulate diuresis and serve to eliminate excess fluidsthey can never replace a balanced and varied diet. Better results are therefore obtained by taking care of nutrition, avoiding overtime binges, doing regular sporting activities and leading a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible.
There are also other good habits to adopt to lose excess fluids and counteract water retention, i.e. drink lots of water especially between meals, eat foods rich in fiber, mineral salts and fruit. Of course, we must also limit the use of salt, as well as smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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