What do the majority parties that support the Draghi government say? The note by Paola Sacchi
After Mario Draghi’s “groomed” to the parties and at the end of a weekend in which the political debate dominated – starting from the Congress of Action by Carlo Calenda, with the participation of the Pd leader Enrico Letta – on new coalitionist hypotheses of “Dragons after Draghi”, hypotheses in which “centrist”, “reformist” decompositions of the current structures are evoked, Silvio Berlusconi gets back to the center.
He does it above all to confirm full support, “continuity and impulse” to the national emergency government, which, he recalls, “we wanted first”. But obviously also to send a political signal on the central role of him and Forza Italia.
In a note, after a “long and cordial” phone call with Draghi, the Knight, while holding the “centrist” debate, returns, instead, to draw a bipolar picture and, after the rift not yet recomposed on the Mattarella bis, speaks of new center-right, about the “normal dialectic” that will resume in a year with the center-left, for the 2023 elections.
The word center-right returns, of which Berlusconi recently reiterated that Forza Italia remains “the pivot”. And in one passage, the president of FI, as a former prime minister, invites us not to “dramatize” the recent parliamentary events (where the center-right has reunited on the limit of the use of cash by sending them under the government, but also the left has made other majorities variables).
While Letta poses as a champion of the government’s reforming action, Berlusconi claims his birthright on the executive that put an end to the yellow-red majority of the Conte / 2. The words of the Cav sound like a signal to stop the attempts of the Democratic Party and the center-left to act as the real stabilizers of the second phase of the executive. To which go full marks and support from Berlusconi.
Thus he begins: “One year later, the reasons why we gave birth to the government of national unity – and we have indicated in Mario Draghi the only person suitable to lead it – remain very valid. On the contrary, they are strengthened by the good work that the executive has done in these 12 months, both in terms of fighting the pandemic and as regards the recovery from the most serious economic crisis of the post-war period ”. Then, Berlusconi recalls: “We were the first to want this emergency government in a dramatic moment for Italy and the facts proved us right.
I confirmed to Prime Minister Mario Draghi that Forza Italia’s contribution to government action was and will always be constructive, distinctive and loyal, in the belief that the country needs stability and continuity “.
The passage on the crisis in Ukraine is inevitable, for which a mission by Draghi from Putin is planned: “In a moment of serious tension in the world, the international credibility of our country is also at stake. This is the trust capital that Europe invested in us, also at my personal solicitation to the main European leaders, when the Recovery Fund was launched “.
Finally, on the clashes on the Milleproroghe Berlusconi observes that “we should not dramatize some parliamentary events of these days”. Because “the normal dialectic in the two chambers, within an objectively composite majority, which has the end of the legislature as its horizon and will leave space in a year for the normal dialectic between center-right and center-left, does not question the stability of the government”. To whose action he assures that he will guarantee, with a “sense of responsibility”, “continuity and impulse”. Because, despite the “important steps forward by Italy, the emergency is not yet resolved”.
Meanwhile, support also from the other important shareholder of the center-right government in the Draghi executive. Matteo Salvini, in view of his meeting with the premier in the coming days, expresses “great satisfaction for the energy decree”. He considers it “the beginning of a path to protect families, artisans, traders, businesses, given that other resources and structural interventions will be needed”. But also critical words from the leader of the League on the minister Luciana Lamorgese. “Referring to a widespread sentiment especially among local administrators”,
Salvini expresses “concern for the absence of the Minister of the Interior which translates into an increase in landings and a generalized security alarm”. Salvini announces that he will reiterate to “President Draghi” the centrality of “a season of reforms, starting with that of Justice thanks to the referendums” and ensures “full collaboration with the League for an effective use of European funds”.
Referendum and Administrative will be the anticipation of the final junction of the political elections of 2023.

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