The undersecretary to the presidency of the Council, Tabacci, handed over the delegation to Space to the great satisfaction of Prime Minister Draghi. Here’s why and what happened
Spatial tensions at Palazzo Chigi.
The Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Bruno Tabacci, handed over the delegation to Space and Aerospace in the hands of Prime Minister Mario Draghi.
Draghi noted “the irrevocability of the decision” of the Democratic Center leader, formally renewed his “trust and esteem” and invited him “to continue the work delegated to the coordination of economic policy and the planning of investments of national interest and as secretary of the inter-ministerial committee for planning and sustainable development ».
So Tabacci remains at Palazzo Chigi but without the very heavy delegation on space.
It was the case of Tabacci’s son – but in truth not only, as Start Magazine reconstructed in this article – that caused the case of the former member of the DC now at Palazzo Chigi to explode. THE TABACCI CASE IN LEONARDO ACCORDING TO IL SOLE 24 ORE
“The hiring of Simone Tabacci, son of Bruno Tabacci (Democratic Center), undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for aerospace policy, is a coincidence. Tabacci junior, 49, was recruited by Leonardo, the Italian giant of defense, aerospace and security, ”Il Sole 24 Ore wrote days ago. The company specified: the recruitment “was carried out starting from last July 1 at the end of a recruiting procedure entrusted to an external company to which Leonardo had given the task of selecting one or more profiles with international experience in the field of the M&A “. LEONARDO’S NOTE ON SIMONE TABACCI
On the Tabacci case yesterday Leonardo wrote in writing: “With regard to the rumors reported today by some media, relating to the hiring of Dr. Simone Tabacci with the qualification of manager in the context of Leonardo’s Merger & Acquisition activities, the Company specifies the following: On 4 November 2020, the company entrusted the selection of one or more profiles with international experience in the M&A field to an external recruiting company. The selection process led to the identification of seven candidates in possession of the required requisites. The interviews started on November 17, 2020 led, through successive selection steps, to the choice of two resources to be included in the CSEO (Chief Strategic Equity Officer) structure: specifically a manager and a manager.THE POSITION OF SIMONE TABACCI
“Of course – Simone Tabacci made it known days ago with a note – I refrain from participating in any activity related to matters concerning the delegation of government attributed to my father relating to Space and the Department for Economic Planning”. OUTCOMES AND SCENARIOS
“Clarifications that obviously were not sufficient to dispel doubts about the conflict of interest and so last night the undersecretary remitted the proxies,” Corriere della Sera wrote today. The fact is, some insiders point out, that Tabacci dal Dipe will continue to have a say in the resources for aerospace provided for by the PNRR. But the game of skills may not end like this.
+++ALL THE START MAGAZINE INSIGHTS ON SPACE AND THE TABACCI CASE: All the reckless space moves by Tabacci Not only Tabacci, here are the political noises on Leonardo-Finmeccanica Space, here are the spatial dreams of Tabacci with France and Germany

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