A few kilometers from the beach, among the bushes and thickets of the first hills of the Sierra de Mijas (Malaga), is “ Donkey Dreamland ”, a little paradise for donkeys that have been abandoned or have had a bad life .
This shelter for donkeys opened its doors on August 1 , in the midst of a pandemic and one of the hottest days in recent years. Without having celebrated its first anniversary, it is already at the limit of its capacity and has housed twenty animals.

Carmelo’s emotional story

Carmelo, one of his most recent rescues, is an older donkey who isIts former owners had kept it locked up for months in a cage barely two meters long, Isert, the project’s founder, sadly told Efe.
When he arrived “ he was crazy ”, explains the founder of “Donkey Dreamland”, but the love and affection of his new caregivers, who pamper him and take him out for a walk every day, has worked a miracle and now Carmelo “ is another animal, calm and happy ”.
Flor was taken to the center by the Civil Guard derived from the Refugio del Burrito, where Isert worked in the past and with whom she maintains a close collaboration; meanwhile, the one who was his owner has been accused of mistreating 47 animals.

the birth of light
Faced with these sad stories, there are other happier ones that comfort the spirit, among which the birth of Luz last April stands out, a young and cheerful rucho with big and lively eyes who, with his clumsy walk, has become the star of the place. .
But not all the animals that arrive at “Donkey Dreamland” do so because they have suffered human evil , some end up in the shelter due to omission of basic care; on some occasions due to laziness, on others due to lack of resources of their owners.
The current economic crisis derived from the pandemic has meant that ” many rural people are losing their land ” and have had to give up their animalssince “they cannot provide them with the necessary attention: check their teeth, make their helmets,…”, comments Isert.


complaints Most complaints come through social networks , usually from neighbors or acquaintances who, worried about the state of the colts, want to remedy it, but wish to remain anonymous.
The complaints are verified with “detail and rigor” and, if appropriate, which is not always the case, the removal of the animal from its owner is requested and if the situation becomes complicated , the intervention of Seprona can be claimed.
The ultimate goal of “Donkey Dreamland” is to find people to adopt the animals ., but taking a burrito home is not within everyone’s reach. Although there are more ways of collaborating with this association, either helping in the care of the animals or sponsoring a herd that can be visited on weekends or from which photos and information can be received regularly; either by making a donation that, no matter how small, “counts”.

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