Most of the dogs have been undergoing genetic modifications until turning them into what they are until now. In fact, the first dogs arose on the European continent more than 18,000 years ago from wolves domesticated by human hunter-gatherers.
This was published in a study by researchers from the University of California in the journal Science . The research was based on comparative genetic analyzes of wolves and dogs from all continents, and pointed out that the initial domestication of dogs occurred in Europe (and not in Africa or Asia as other studies had indicated) and well before what was known. believed until now.
For hundreds of years,Many breeders have been developing “designer dogs” that have been genetically modified by selectively crossing different specimens with the aim of creating a new breed. In this way, they retained one or another preferred characteristic of each race.
Even today, many breeders continue to adapt “mini toy” breeds so that they are smaller and smaller, highly compromising their health. Here we show you some reasons why perhaps having a mini toy dog ​​is not a good idea.
The genetic manipulation of some dog breeds has generated health problems for the simple fact that the breed is more valued aesthetically (such as pedigree). Today, at Mascotissimas, we show you some breeds of dogs that have been highly genetically modified.

Breeds of dogs that have been genetically modified


For years they have been modifying their genetics until they have become one of the breeds of dogs with more health problems, presenting a large number of hereditary diseases. Like other flat-nosed dogs, it presents the brachycephalic dog syndrome (obstruction of the respiratory tract), but it also shows hip dysplasia, keraconjunctivitis sicca, pulmonary stenosis, ventricular septal defect, deafness, hydrocephalus, hemivertebra and spina bifida, among others . .
They do not have a long life expectancy and it is very difficult for them to mate. Also they cannot be born naturally because of their huge heads.

These dogs are very peculiar physically speaking. They have high blood pressure, heart problems, low oxygenation, difficulty breathing, overheating and dermatitis . Their extremely curly tail can lead to paralysis.


Hound This dog has undergone changes in the structure of its hind leg, it has excess skin, spinal problems, droopy eyes and large dark circles, to make it look goofy.

German shepherd

They say that it is one of the breeds whose genetic modification has ruined its life. Despite being an active, affectionate and easy to train dog, many dogs suffer from hip dysplasia,one of the worst diseases. It is essential to be aware of them from a young age.


Unfortunately, the Bullterrier is a dog that has serious health problems : compared to the first specimens, the structure of its skull has changed a lot as well as the shape of its eyes. The genetic modifications operated in the breed over hundreds of generations have led to a propensity to deafness , respiratory and kidney problems, in addition to behavioral problems such as anxiety by compulsively chasing the tail.and that leaves them fatigued, which in turn, unleashes their respiratory problems derived from their cranial constitution. In extreme cases, this behavior can lead to self- mutilation.The sad life expectancy of this breed is six to ten years.

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