Hi Emma! Heresy! The hand soap on the face is absolutely forbidden , the only soaps allowed are those specifically formulated for the face. I realize that there are many small actions that many habitually carry out, thinking they are doing well or in any case not causing any damage to the skin, when instead the result is an unbalanced pH, too intense exfoliation and an altered sebum production, either positive or in negative. Furthermore, facial cleansing is the first step in a good skincare routine and allows you to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. Let’s see together 6 small (big) mistakes to avoid for a correct facial skin care during cleansing.Washing your face at the wrong temperature
It may seem strange, but knowing how to regulate the temperature of the water is the first step to acorrect skincare routine . In fact, water that is too hot could irritate and dry it and be too aggressive for sensitive skin or skin with couperose and small capillaries. On the contrary, cold water does not allow the pores to open sufficientlyand so the dirt tends to stagnate, also not allowing the active ingredients that we will apply later to penetrate deeply.
The choice, therefore, is a happy medium: lukewarm water. In doing so, the skin does not get irritated and dry but at the same time the pores can be cleaned properly. Furthermore, it is very important to wash your hands before washing your face: in fact, not doing it is unhygienic because the bacteria and dirt present on them would inevitably end up on the face.
Source: 123rf Going to sleep without removing make-
up I never stop repeating it: removing make- up before going to sleep is essential. The makeup, in fact, although of the latest generation and with quality active ingredients, is still something that rests on the skin and that is not absorbed, but remains on the surface. Hence, going to bed wearing makeup does not allow the skin to breathe properly and to regenerate during the night. Furthermore, not removing make-up means not washing! And in addition to makeup, dirt, toxins, smog and pollution accumulate on the skin during the day, primarily responsible for premature skin aging and a gray, dull complexion and non-hydrated and asphyxiated skin. Use make-up remover wipes every day Make-
up remover wipesthey are very popular because they allow you to remove make-up quickly and easily. However, they are not the most correct choice, neither from the ethical point of view nor from that of the skin. In fact, depending on the make-up, 1 to 2/3 wipes are needed, with a high waste of fabric which, often, is not even completely natural and biodegradable.
But above all the wipes, to do their job, must be rubbed repeatedly on the face, creating a micro abrasion which, in the long run, can be harmful .for the skin. As with all things, they are not to be banned, but it would be better to reduce their use. If one evening you are particularly tired, it is better to use those rather than remove make-up or, for example, they are a comfortable choice when traveling, just relegate them to occasional use.
Source: 123rf Don’t rinse your face after using makeup remover
Another big mistake I often hear is not rinsing and washing your faceafter using micellar water or make-up remover. They are both products to be passed on the skin with cotton pads or washable, this means that they take away the dirt and makeup that is dissolved and removed, but moves on the face leaving residues. They are also non-aggressive products, but in any case not as delicate as a specific cleanser to clean the face and often contain surfactants and washing particles which, if not rinsed, remain on the skin . It is a good rule, therefore, to rinse your face with a delicate cleanser , a gel, a mousse or in any case a product created specifically to be removed even with water only. Wash your face with a bar of soap, bubble bath, or liquid soap
The hand soap is one of the most used products for washing your face, because it is comfortable, fast and above all you don’t need to have many different products. The main problem with this method of cleaning the skin is that it has a naturally acidic pH, while soap in contact with water has an alkaline pH, therefore in contrast to our skin. Obviously this unbalances the Ph of the skin of the face, altering it, thus irritating it , producing too much or too little sebum and, in general, not guaranteeing an optimal state.
The same thing goes for bubble baths or liquid soaps, more delicate than soap but in any case not specifically designed for the more delicate skin of the face. In addition, all of these products often contain perfume , which is a major cause of allergies and irritation .
Source: 123rf Rub the face vigorously with the towel
The last mistake that is made unknowingly is that of using the towel badly . In fact, even if soft, passing it on the face incorrectly could create small scratches and micro abrasions or, in any case, irritate the skin. Rather than rubbing it, in fact, the towel (which must be rigorously cleaned and changed regularly) must be dabbed, in order to dry the water gently.

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