The new explosion of infections caused by Omicron has brought with it the reinforcement of masks to protect the population from its effects. Their enormous contagion capacity has led to an incidence that had not been seen throughout the entire pandemic, and even with the use of them we are witnessing a Christmas of numbers that we already thought we had left behind.
The first studies point to the possibility that its cases are less severe and with a lower risk of hospitalization, and that it expands with different speeds in some airways or in others: much faster than delta in the bronchi , but slower In the lungs
Hygienic and surgical masks are the option recommended by the Ministry of Health for the general healthy population. They cover the mouth, nose and chin and are usually made up of one or more layers of textile material and can be reusable or single use.

The objective of its use is to avoid the transmission of infectious agents , since “they are designed to filter the exhaled air”, they detail from the Ministry of Consumption. Therefore, its mission is to “protect those around you” by preventing the spread of viruses by coughing, sneezing or talking.
The experts do indicate that, logically, FFP2 protects more than the surgical one, but omicron is not more contagious because it passes through masks better, SARS-CoV-2 continues to have the same size.

Which is better

The big difference between FFP2 or FFP3 surgical masks is that they are designed to filter exhaled air, therefore, they protect not the wearer but others from possible infection by preventing viral dispersion by sneeze, cough or talk.
In recent weeks there has been talk of FFP3 again, especially after the expansion of omicron. It is the most effective to protect us from covid-19. Since the pandemic began, the FFP2 mask has been the minimum recommended protection for health personnel and is the one used regularly.
The FFP3 is recommended for specific cases, as explained by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy,when in the development of the activity there are operations that can generate bioaerosols in high concentrations.
Speaking to Nius , Joan Cayla, an expert from the Spanish Society of Epidemiology, explains: “With the current epidemiological situation, and the high incidence and contagiousness of omicron, I would use FFP2. It would be an important advance if the general population switched to FFP2 “.
“Most of them have surgical ones , which are not bad, but basically serve to protect others from contagion, not oneself. (…) For individual protection, FFP2 is better,” he adds.

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