• What you need to know about penis size
    Some studies on it
  • False myths vs reality: what science has shown
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What you need to know about penis size
Some studies on

it The question often arises on what the size of the penis depends on and on what factors it can vary. In this regard, numerous investigations have been carried out and even doctors and experts have questioned what the average length of penises is and what parameters can influence it.
A team of international researchers, in fact, has conducted a study to understand if it is possible to predict how much the male organ can extend , starting from its state of flaccidity up to that of full erection , trying to understand what are the factors that can determine it. The dimensions.False Myths vs. Reality: What Science Has Proven
In 1966, sex education pioneers William Masters and Virginia Johnsons disproved a number of “phallic beliefs” and false notions about the human penis in their book Human Sexual Response. One of these was the idea that male penises, which appear larger during the flaccid state , are also larger during an erection.
Conversely, the two found that there is more difference in size between two penises when they are flaccid than when they are erect and noted that men who have a smaller than normal average penis size in the flaccid state tend to get an increase . greater , both in length and in size, when they are erect.
Recently, researchers from various international institutes including the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans and the University of California, USA and Mahidol University in Thailand, have exposed research according to which any physiological or style-related factors life could affect penis size and allow you to predict the degree of extension from flaccid to erect.
“Men usually pay excessive attention to the size and appearance of their penises, whether in a flaccid or erect state,” the researchers write in the introduction to their report, published in the “International Journal of Impotence Research,” whose first author and Dr. Faysal Yafi.What Factors Determine Penis Size
It is known that for men, penis size matters a lot, and sometimes they are led to believe that it is the same for women. In reality, it is more of a psychological approach to the question, to which is added the fact that most men have a wrong perception of their own magnitudes.
This attention, on the part of the male gender for the size of its organ, has led to the use of ad hoc definitions to describe the two most frequent cases in relation to the lengthening of the penis from the state of flaccidity to that of erection:

  1. “Shower” are defined as cases in which the penis is larger when flaccid but does not acquire an equally greater length when the member is erect.
  2. We speak of “grower” or “developer” when, on the other hand, one gradually reaches more length and circumference of the penis in the erection phase compared to the small starting size.
    Despite the validity of this classification, the researchers explain that it is not so easy to predict which of these categories each man falls into and therefore it remains difficult to estimate what the average length of penises actually is.

What the Penis Size Study Says
The study in question was a retrospective review of the analysis of data provided by 274 participants with erectile dysfunction. When the survey was conducted, the various lengths and sizes of the penises were measured in both flaccid and erect states. To achieve erection , all participants were given an intracavernous injection of prostaglandin E1 (a substance used to treat erectile dysfunction) at the base of the penis, in combination with audiovisual sex simulations.
Based on their initial analysis, the researchers found that, on average, there was a difference of 4 centimeters between the length of the penis in its flaccid state compared to its erect state.
Men whose penises grew 4 cm or more from flaccid to erect were referred to as “developers”, while participants whose penises grew to less than 4 cm were referred to as “shower”.
Overall, only 26% of participants show average or above average growth, while 74% of men show below average growth in penis size . Penis Diameter and Length: Indicators and Risk Factors
To analyze the research results, the researchers looked at a number of factors that had been identified as early indicators of the difference in penis size each subject would exhibit. These included:

  • smoke
  • diabetes
  • radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate gland)

However, the analyzes conducted subsequently did not produce the same associations:
“In our studies, neither the rates of smoking, diabetes mellitus, nor a previous radical prostatectomy, were different between ‘developers’ and ‘rain’, they were able to predict significantly, being a ‘developer’ on unchanged analysis, ”the researchers wrote.
The single most relevant association the research team was able to find was that the “developers” tended to be younger and lonely, highlighting the link between marital status and age.
But what does it mean that younger men are more likely to observe a greater difference in penis size between the flaccid state and the erect state
This probably has to do with the range of physiological changes that occur with increasing age, according to the researchers.
“As men age – the authors write – age-related physiological changes occur, such as increased inflammation and fibrosis, decreased elasticity of tissue and smooth muscle content, and decreased penile blood flow, as well as a potential alteration of penis enlargement. ”
The scholars added, however, that theirs was only a small study, based on a small set of cases, and that further research would be needed to try to replicate these findings and validate these findings.

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