Mediaset is studying, and a lot, how and when to launch the second part of the docuseries about the life of Rocio Carrasco, In the name of Rocio. The reason is that, despite the fact that in the first season the worst unemployed were Antonio David Flores and Rocio Flores, now the Mohedano family and Jose Ortega Cano are in the spotlight.
The former bullfighter already pointed out, some time ago, that his lawyers are working on the issue and do not rule out taking precautionary measures to paralyze the broadcast of the program.If his honor is violated, Justice could force Telecinco to keep in a drawer – who knows if forever – this second assault for the daughter of Rocio Jurado.
Everyone was very shocked by the statements made by Rocio Carrasco in the first part of her documentary, Rocio, tell the truth to stay alive, where she explained the reasons for the tense relationship with her children and, according to her, the twenty years of gender and parental violence by their father, Antonio David Flores.
After two decades of silence, Rociito decided to open up on the channel to give her version of the events so that the audience could understand her and, not satisfied with it, the network proposed to her – and she accepted – to release a second part of the documentary, to the view of the successful audience results of the first. The central theme would be, this time, the null relationship that he maintains with his maternal family .since the death of his mother Rocio Jurado, that June 1, 2006.
But things are not so simple. A week ago, the Justice ruled in favor of Antonio David Flores agreeing with him regarding the lawsuit he had filed against the Tele and Mediaset Factory, condemning the production company to pay him 80,000 euros as compensation for damages after having violated his honor with the broadcast of the documentary of his ex-wife.
With this new news, it completely changes the plans that Telecinco could have when it comes to giving voice to the testimony of Rocio Jurado’s daughter, because the directors of Mediaset do not want to take risks. That is why they are thoroughly reviewing the images already recorded with Carrascoso that nothing escapes them due to the high probability of lawsuits that may be after its premiere.
It is something that is vox populi. The team of lawyers from the Mohedano clan and his stepfather, Jose Ortega Cano, will be very attentive to the broadcast of this documentary and what it may reveal about family secrets. Thus, they will not hesitate to sue both Carrasco and the chain if necessary to protect their honor, in the same way thatAntonio David has done with his dismissal from Salvame, which was finally declared null on September 20. .
Already in the trailer for the second part of this docudrama it can be seen thatNo Mohedano is going to come out well from what Rocio Carrasco tells, something in which Justice could have a lot to say. Perhaps the manifestations of the daughter of La Mas Grande about her family will never see the light.

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