The pandemic has prompted the foundation of a set of denial movements made up of health professionals that is expanding rapidly across continents, with Germany, Spain and Latin America in one of its most active axes, known as Doctors for Truth .
The representatives of this organization in Spain have regained notoriety with the recent and wide dissemination of a video that collects some of the recurrent falsehoods about the pandemic.
Entitled The Big Reset, which can be translated as “the great restart”, it thus refers to a supposed international plan of the political and economic powers that would use this crisis to reinvent the world .with the suppression of freedoms and rights. In it, Natalia Prego, Angel Ruiz-Valdepenas and Maria Jose Martinez Albarracin, the best-known faces of Doctors for Truth Spain, are interviewed, offering their testimony, among others.

A network of networks

This group forms, together with other entities, an amalgamation of networks without a clear organizational structure, converted into a tangle of disinformation in which different spokespersons converge, each one with their own theory, which sometimes contradicts those of the others .
Thus, some deny the existence of Covid-19 and consider it a farce, the product of that aforementioned conspiracy .international, which seeks to control society for economic reasons. Others, however, admit the existence of the disease but reject the measures adopted as they seem harmful, in a conception of the practice of medicine based on pseudotherapies .
What they all share is the mistrust of official institutions, the political class and the media, which they accuse of manipulating citizens.
Together they generate a wealth of lies that are especially dangerous because of their ability to create confusion about public health issues and their influence on large numbers of people around the world.
In this scenario, the groups of Doctors for Truth from different countries , the organization Extraparliamentary Commission for Investigation of the Coronavirus (ACU, for its acronym in German) and the World Doctors Alliance, founded in the United Kingdom and has members in Europe and the United States. Some of its members are active in several of these associations at the same time.
The scientific community has shown its rejection of the activity of these groups, which has been revealed with public pronouncements, the opening of disciplinary proceedings and suspensions. International verifiers, likewise, have dismantled their unscientific fallacies .

Of German origin and rapid growth in Hispanic countries

. Before becoming the visible faces of these movements, several of their most active spokespersons had already been noted on social networks and the media for their defense of conspiracy theories and activism. against conventional medicine.
Such is the case of the German doctor Heiko Schoning , who prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 already held a thesis on a conspiracy that linked the 9/11 attacks in the United States with the sending of letters containing anthrax .
Later, Schoning formulated a theory that indicated that the pandemic was due to a plan to achieve a controlled bankruptcy of the financial system., in which he saw a criminal will with the business of vaccines against the new disease.
This physician from Hamburg defines himself as co-founder of the German organization Arzte fur Aufklaurung -name freely translated in Spain as Doctors for Truth- and the aforementioned ACU. He did so in the presentation of Doctors for Truth Spain , on July 25 of last year. Family doctors Natalia Prego and Angel Ruiz-Valdepenas

had a special role in that founding act , who had also gained relevance before joining the aforementioned group for their rejection of the measures adopted in Spain against Covid-19. In addition, I highlight the speech of Maria Jose Martinez Albarracinagainst the efficacy of PCR tests.
Schoning pointed out during his speech that this movement had started in Germany ten weeks earlier and that Doctors for Truth had 500 members in his country at that time, as well as a presence in Austria.
Ruiz-Valdepenas, who acted as host of the act, explained that in Spain the members of the group were 140 and that its promoters hoped that this figure would increase rapidly due to its growing public activity. He added that they had established contact with “groups with similar characteristics” in Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.
To these countries we must add Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, which also have their own Doctors for Truth organizations. The associations of these Hispanic countries are grouped in turn in Doctors for Truth Iberoamerica . Currently his followers number in the tens of thousands on the Telegram instant messaging service.
The movement has also spread throughout Europe , where the president of the group in the Netherlands, Elke de Klerk , has made headlines for her falsehoods about the pandemic., denied by several international verifiers in October. Schoning and De Klerk are also members of the World Physicians Alliance, founded and chaired by Mohammad Adil , a Pakistani physician with nearly 30 years of experience in the British public health service.

Disciplinary proceedings and service suspensions

The scientific community and health authorities have responded on several occasions to the lies of these groups.
On August 25, a month after the presentation of Doctors for Truth Spain, the Forum of the Medical Profession (FPME) -which brings together official associations, scientific and academic associations, as well as unions- censored the attitude of the deniers in a statement.
In that note, the FPME questioned the behavior of the aforementioned group due to the possibility that it could generate “social alarm”, encourage “civil disobedience” and put public health in “serious danger”, contrary to the code of ethics. He also branded his theories as “pseudo-scientific.”
Three days later, the General Council of Official Medical Associations (CGCOM), which is part of the FPME, opened an information file on Doctors for Truth.
Before, the Official College of Physicians of the Balearic Islands had initiated another file on Ruiz-Valdepenas, who was the subject of the same measure by the Balearic Health Service (Ib-Salut),
The Colegio de Pontevendra also opened a file on Natalia Prego in February of this year, which she sent to the CGCOM ethics commission. The president of the World Doctors Alliance, Mohammad Adil, has also been suspended for a period of twelve months pending the outcome of an investigation by the British General Medical Council.
Neither these actions nor the constant denials of the verifiers have stopped the activity of Doctors for Truth, which continues to spread the same falsehoods in the media, social networks, Telegram groups and even on the street, through the most traditional posters. or pamphlets, in addition to organizing conferences and demonstrations to spread their message.

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