Cellulite is a metabolic disease that affects more than 90% of women. It causes the skin to present small irregularly shaped depressions and appear bulging, which is popularly known as orange peel skin. It usually occurs on the thighs and buttocks, and can be due to a wide range of causes: hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, genetics… Luckily, there are anti-cellulite creams that, accompanied by a good diet plan and exercise practice physical, they offer very good and lasting results over time. In addition to the use of a good reducing anti-cellulite cream, it is convenient to put into practice a series of tips to eliminate orange peel skin. Cold water baths, although they may not sound too appetizing in the winter months, are a great way to activate blood circulation. In addition, it is important to drink plenty of water to eliminate fluid retention as it eliminates toxins and cleanses the body. Of course, it is essential to follow a healthy and balanced diet , rich in fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in fiber, such as chard, broccoli or pumpkin are very important to prevent constipation, which is directly related to the appearance of cellulite. In addition to the different aesthetic treatments, there are creams that help eliminate cellulite at home . These are the best.

E’lifexir Minucell anti-cellulite

gel A draining, moisturizing and purifying gel that helps eliminate fat cells in the body. In addition, it improves the texture and hydrates the skin from the first application, while remodeling the contour. It acts directly on areas with orange peel skin, providing a plus of firmness and hydration. It has a very pleasant gel texture, which is absorbed in a matter of seconds. The ideal is to apply it in the morning and night routine with an intense upward massage to achieve the desired results.
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Elancyl Activ anti-cellulite massage gel + glove

This is for many the best anti-cellulite creamof the market, and as soon as you try it you will understand why. A very effective treatment for both preventing and reducing orange peel skin, which visibly tones and firms the skin. In addition to the gel formulated with caffeine, it includes a glove that acts by favoring circulation and decongesting the areas affected by cellulite. A massage method that you should use in the shower to achieve firmer, smoother and firmer skin.
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Weleda Anti-Cellulite Birch Oil

If you want to combat cellulite naturally, anti-cellulite birch oilIt will be your great discovery of the year. It is formulated with extracts of leaves of rosemary, birch and butcher’s broom and its benefits are very wide: it activates circulation, reduces the accumulation of liquids and contributes to nourishing, toning and smoothing the skin. It is great for treating orange peel skin thanks to its firming and reducing effect.
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Vichy cellu destock overnight

Are you looking for an anti- cellulite cream that works
This is one of the best-selling products of the Vichy brand, one of the most prestigious in the world of beauty. It is a cream that shapes and smoothes the figure at night, while you sleep. It is enriched with adipo-stim and caffeine, and offers visible results from the first week. In just 15 days you will notice how the orange peel skin is reduced and your silhouette is more refined. In addition, thanks to its active ingredients, it favors the elimination of adipose tissue.
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Somatoline® Reducer 7 Nights fresh gel

One of the best anti-cellulite creamson the market, and that we recommend to obtain reducing results in a week. An intensive treatment with triple reducing action: it favors the drainage of excess liquids and toxins, helps eliminate orange peel skin and localized fat accumulations and stimulates cell regeneration. You can not ask for more!
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Sesderma Celulex Belly and Hips gel

There are few better solutions to combat cellulite on the belly and hipsthan this light-textured gel from Sesderma. Prevents and treats orange peel that acts on the three types of adiposities that exist: at the conjunctive, adipose and circulatory level. It is formulated with carnitine, retinol, ruscus and caffeine, four components that act directly on cellulite.
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Comodynes Body Reducer
Anti-Cellulite Serum
A treatment that helps reduce orange peel skin, even the deepest. It has a high concentration of active ingredients and has a very intense remodeling action . From the first application the dimples of the skin are less visible, and as the days go by it shapes the silhouette. It has a very fluid texture and is quickly absorbed, and the finish is satin and fresh.
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Saluderm Anti-Cellulite Gel

And, finally, a reducing gel that improves the appearance of cellulite . It has detoxifying properties and redefines the contour thanks to its high content of caffeine, essential boost-factor and forskolin. It acts as a powerful fat burner, stimulates microcirculation and firms the skin. Promotes the formation of cell adhesion proteins and eliminates excess toxins in the body to eliminate cellulite.
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As you can see, there are many anti-cellulite creamsthat can help you achieve your goal. Now, you must be very clear that they do not have a “miracle effect”, so they are not a substitute for eating well and exercising. But, if you use the treatments as a complement to a healthy lifestyle, they are a wonderful extra help to say goodbye to cellulite and accumulated fat. They reduce orange peel skin while improving the appearance of the skin and shaping the silhouette.

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