If you want to furnish the terrace but do not intend to deepen your wallet, do not despair: with a pinch of creativity and some small do-it-yourself work, taking advantage of creative recycling, you can give your outdoor space a unique, original, welcoming look. . Here are some ideas to immediately put into practice to furnish the terrace with little expense . Furnishing the terrace with plants
The first solution to furnish the terrace without spending a fortune is represented by plants. The options are different: you can use a wall to create a vertical garden , perhaps using recycled wood to color or old tires, or you can create a small vegetable garden on the balcony by cultivatingaromatic herbs useful for seasoning our dishes.
If space allows, you can place large vases on the ground or etagere in steel to be placed along the perimeter, or half vases with flowers and climbing plants, for an original composition with an artistic flair. Or, again, you can focus on the classic and hook the pots to the ledge of the terrace.
What are the best plants to decorate the terrace Gerano, jasmine and hypomea (provided they receive direct sun), succulents and climbing plants (honeysuckle, ivy), and then lavender, thyme, rosemary, mint, sage, basil . Furnish the terrace with recycled material
If you are gifted with a little creativity, you can try your hand at furnishing the terrace by recovering old objects and giving them a second life. For example, pallets : easy to find and extremely versatile, they can turn into an infinite number of things.
With these pallets you can make a sofa: to begin with you can color them and pass them with an impregnating agent suitable for wood, then arrange them at an angle or linearly to form the base, and finally to make them comfortable complete everything with matching cushions .(you can also make these yourself if you have a good manual or buy them online). The backrest will then be made with the same pallets, hooking it perpendicularly to the structure, and also a side table.
But not only. With pallets you can really create objects of every shape: a “mobile” bar , a wall that accommodates glasses, bottles or small plants, a planter (perfect to hang, if the balcony is small). You can leave them natural, the pallets, or paint in pastel shades, or whiten for a shabby-chic effect: in any case, the result will be super personalized.
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      You can create a beautiful atmosphere on the terrace through a clever use of lights. The inspirations are many: you can buy light chains to be placed on the ground, inside a lantern, hanging them on a wall or fixing them at the top, perhaps using different colors.
      Alternatively, you can use glass jars to place large candles in: if you don’t want to opt for DIY, you can buy solar-powered jars online, which recharge in the sun during the day (some models also have a USB cable for charging) to be used in the evening. And inside you can add everything from shells to colorful flowers.
      If, on the other hand, you prefer diffused lighting, Christmas lights are the best choice: very scenographic, just one thread is enough to give the terrace a super romantic atmosphere.
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        If you already have many plants, why not transfer some of them to the terrace
        You can create fabulous plays of color by focusing on the uniqueness of particular pots and plants without spending a fortune.
        You can use the plants you already have in the garden or at home to create new cuttings that will give you new seedlings in a short time. The choice of pots where to house them is really wide: from the largest to be placed in a corner of the terrace, to the smaller ones to hang on a wall .. Unleash your imagination: think about which corner you would like to enhance and buy the vases you need to realize your idea. Sometimes a green corner furnishes more than a few pieces of furniture!
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            If you live in the city, you probably really need it. Many people love to recreate green spaces by taking advantage of their balconies: if it is not possible to have a garden, why not try to recreate one on the terrace . Artificial grass for the garden is affordable and easy to install. Depending on your tastes, you can create a fake green mantle in a corner of the terrace or, if you prefer, carpet the entire floor. A small table, a couple of chairs and a few maps will take care of the rest.
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                They are now a real must have: lanterns , even if they are not exactly cheap, can elegantly furnish every corner of the garden or, in this case, even the terrace. Online, and in home improvement stores, you can find them in various shapes and prices: just a couple are enough to enhance a corner of the terrace and create unique atmospheres with candles, perhaps scented.
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                    There are many other objects that you can use to decorate the balcony: small sculptures, splendid colored tin watering cans , ancient bird cages … It takes a little, after all, to make it a pleasant outdoor corner, and no matter whether it is big or small, put your imagination into play and don’t be afraid to dare. Only in this way will the outdoor space amaze guests and give you pleasant moments of relaxation.

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