The autonomous communities take a further step in the de-escalation with the implementation of tourist vouchers to encourage spending in their territories this summer of 2021 . What are they We
detail the direct aid that is being approved in each community.
The summer of 2021 is here, and with it comes the operation: reactivate the economy and attract tourists. What exactly are these tourist vouchers
What are the requirements
How do you request

We will tell you according to the projects that are being approved in each territory:

Tourist Voucher in Andalusia

The Junta de Andalucia has launched atourist voucher for the period between October 1, 2020 and December 9, 2021. The Andalusian voucher is aimed at any person registered in a municipality of Andalusia or who is the holder of the Andalusian Card or Andalusian Abroad and are intended to travel through Andalusia outside the place of residence.
The citizen may contract a minimum of two nights in an accommodation that has the “Andalucia Segura” distinctive and must do so through a travel agency or a point of sale.that also has this badge. Although in the case of trips of only two nights, it can be contracted directly with the establishment.
Once the trip is over, the citizen must request the aid by attaching the required invoices. Subsequently, 25% of the amount of the accommodation service will be credited to your checking account , including, if applicable, the breakfast service, with a maximum of 200 euros.
The aid is extended up to 500 euros for stays of four or more nights booked through a Travel Agency by people over 65 or under 25 years of age.
Andalusians may benefit from the tourist bonus up to a maximum of three times .

Tourist Voucher in the Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid will offer up to 600 euros in tourist vouchers for national tourists visiting the region from the second half of 2021 .
Each national tourist may request a bonus per month during the validity of the program and will have a period of 10 days from the download of the same to redeem it.

Tourist Voucher in Aragon

The Aragon tourist voucher is aimed at any tourist of legal age residing in Spain who spends at least two nights in an establishmentregistered in the Tourism Registry of Aragon . The trip must also be booked with one of the collaborating agencies in the program.
Citizens interested in the Aragonese tourist voucher must submit an application on the Aragon Tourism platform. When the request is approved, they will receive a promotional code of up to 300 euros that they must use within seven days after making a reservation through an agency and it will be this agency that receives the help and applies the discount to the consumer. There is no maximum number of nights or limit of rooms to reserve .
Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on July 8. If there is a budget, a new application period will be enabled.

Tourist Voucher in Asturias

The Principality of Asturias launched the Asturpass initiative, with discount vouchers of €65 for stays of 2 or more nights in Asturian accommodation and agencies adhering to this campaign. The bell is intended for residents of Asturias . The deadline to apply for the vouchers ended on December 30, 2020, although they can be consumed throughout 2021.

Tourist Voucher in the Balearic Islands

The tourist voucher of the Balearic Islands is aimed at those of legal age who are registered on the islands . The voucher offers a discount of up to 100 eurosfor stays in Regulated Tourist Accommodations and Vacation Tourist Accommodations, provided that the destination is not the island of residence itself . The minimum stay should be two nights .
The Balearic tourist voucher can be used in two periods. Between June 15 and 30 (except for the period between June 23 and 27), and from September 1 to November 15 .
The Balearic voucher can be requested here.

Tourist Voucher in the Canary Islands

The Government of the Canary Islands has also announced that it is going to launch a tourist voucher from July 1 . The aid will have a maximum subsidy ceiling andIt will cover 50% of the cost of accommodation for Canarian residents who decide to stay on the islands this summer.
Similarly, the regional government has announced that it is also finalizing an incentive for national tourists . The only thing that is known is that in the case of visitors from the rest of Spain, the voucher will be processed through the travel agencies.

Tourist Voucher in Castilla-La Mancha

The Tourist Voucher of Castilla-La Mancha seeks to support hotel accommodation and travel agencies with subsidies through which these companies can offer discounts on the price of hotel stays to their clients. discounts

_They vary depending on what each company stipulates, but they can be up to 12 euros per room and night in hostels and 1-star hotels, up to 20 euros per room and night in 2- and 3-star hotels, and up to 30 euros per night in 4 and 5 star hotels.
Any citizen who makes a stay in a hotel establishment in Castilla-La Mancha can benefit from these discounts. To do this, they must book their trip through one of the agencies adhering to the program .

Tourist Voucher in Castilla y Leon

The Castilla y Leon Tourist Voucher will be a personal prepaid card that the tourist can use in tourist establishments and activities registered in the Tourism Registry of Castilla y Leon.
Citizens will be able to choose between two types of prepaid card (‘Disfruta’ card and ‘Disfruta Plus Agencias’ card), and between three amounts for each type (250, 500 or 700 euros). In either of the two modalities, it will be essential for the tourist to spend at least one night in one of the participating tourist establishments.
To access the bonus, a registration space will be enabled on the Board’s website. Once the granting of the aid is notified, a period will be opened for the tourist to make the payment of the corresponding co-payment, after which they will receive the card charged with the total amount.
In this way, they explain, “in the 250-euro prepaid card, the Board will contribute 125 euros; in the 500-euro card, 250 euros will also be donated by the Board and the 700-euro card will have a contribution of 350 euros “.
The Board estimates to make the voucher available to tourists from September 15, 2021 and until May 31, 2022 .

Tourist Voucher in the Valencian Community

The tourist voucher of the Valencian Community is aimed at people of legal age who are registered in a municipality in the region.
To apply for the aid, the citizen will first have to fill out an application for registration in the program. Once this is accepted, you must formalize a reservation in tourist accommodation establishments or travel agencies attached to the program. The minimum stay will be 2 consecutive nights in the same accommodation.
The amount of the aid will be 70% of the tourist services up to a maximum of 600 euros per granted aid.

Tourist Bonus in Extremadura

The Government of Extremadura offered differentiated bonus aid for Badajoz and Caceres. Although in both cases the term has already expired. At the moment it is unknown if they will be offered again.

Tourist Voucher in Galicia
The tourist voucher of the Xunta de Galicia was launched in 2020 for health personnel and this 2021 extends to the entire Galician population. It can be requested by people of legal age registered in a Galician town hall who would not have benefited from the bonus in the first call.
In this new edition, which will be in force until December 15, 2021 , the Xunta will contribute 60% of the cost of the voucher while the beneficiary must contribute the remaining 40% with a cap of 500 euros (€300 the Xunta and €200 the citizen).

Tourist Voucher in
the Basque Country
The Basque Countryhas launched the Euskadi Tourism Voucher, with discounts of 5, 10 and 20 euros on the consumption of tourist, hotel and restaurant goods, products and services.
The discounts are aimed at people over 18 years of age , who reside in Euskadi or visit the autonomous community from other places.
The application of the discount vouchers will be carried out by the member establishments and companies (they can be consulted on the web) at the time of acquisition. A maximum of two discount vouchers can be applied in each establishment or company per invoice and with a maximum discount of 40 euros for each person , who must identify themselves by ID.

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