Coffee capsules have quickly taken over the coffee market. Electric coffee makers, such as capsule or super-automatic ones, are among the best-selling, among other things because of the speed and simplicity of use. And despite the fact that the latter are gradually gaining ground, even the capsule market is still the favorite for many.
They allow you to select the capsule with the type of drink you want to drink, insert the capsule, wait a few seconds and, just by pressing a button, your cup is ready for you to enjoy. Unrivaled convenience in other formats…

Types of coffee

capsules Capsules have become the norm, but not all are the same. you can find differenttypes of coffee capsules , depending on various factors:

Compatibility: you can find the original ones for Dolce-Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo, Senseo coffee machines, etc., and also others compatible with the previous ones. The compatible ones are manufactured by third parties, following the same format to provide greater variety without having to have a different coffee maker. In addition, the latter usually correspond to cheap coffee capsules, so they will allow you to save.

Dose: depending on the dose, you can find the usual single-dose, and also others that may contain the equivalent of a long cup or two short ones.

Materials:There are plastic, aluminum, and also some soft paper. This is a factor to take into account, especially if you want to reduce the amount of waste generated, and you are looking for those that have the least environmental impact.

Original vs compatible

capsules In addition to the original capsules for each type of coffee maker, there are also other manufacturers who have chosen to create their own compatible ones for these coffee machines. This way you have a greater variety of flavors and prices.
Although the idea has spread that the original capsules are better than the compatible ones, this is not always the case. Some compatible ones have become really popular, and some like them even more than the original ones. So it’s a matter of taste, and the quality of the compatible capsule itself, obviously…
As for the original capsules , you should know who each of them is for, since not all offer the same. They are designed to meet very diverse needs. For example:

Nespresso: this brand belongs to Nestle, and is aimed at the most demanding coffee growers. It only offers coffee, with different varieties, but coffee. That if, with a truly incredible intensity of flavor and aroma. It is aimed at a more exclusive segment of the population.

sweet taste:They are from Nestle and are aimed at a younger and family segment. They offer great quality, they are cheap, and the flavor and aroma of their preparations is really good. In addition, they have a lot of diversity, not only coffees, but also tea, chocolate, cold drinks, etc. That is to say, an ideal flexibility if you have members of all ages at home…

Tassimo: it is the alternative to Dolce-Gusto, and quite cheap. Also designed for families looking for a machine capable of preparing shakes, chocolates, and coffee for the whole family, but without spending too much.

Senseo:it is similar to the Tassimo in some ways, but exclusively geared towards the world of coffee. Therefore, it can be a good alternative to Nespresso. In addition, in this case you can choose to prepare one or two doses of coffee simultaneously.

Others: there are also other original capsules, such as the Lavazza FAP type (capsules not so well known in Spain, but they come from Italy and with a long tradition behind them), the Caffitaly, Illy Iperespresso, etc.
Now, in terms of compatible capsules , there are many, although we must highlight some that have become really famous for their quality:

Compatible Nespresso:There are many compatible brands, perhaps the most popular of all are Solimo, Starbucks and L’Or. Although there are also the Marcilla, Pellini, Candelas, Consuelo, Happy Belly (Amazon white brand), etc.

Dolce-Guto compatible: it has some like those of Starbucks, which has also wanted to bring the flavor of its coffee shops to homes with these coffee machines. In addition, there are also other brands such as Viaggio Espresso, Fortaleza, Yespresso, Consuelo, etc.

Compatible Tassimo: Bosch designed a system with barcodes on their T-Discs that are not easy to hack, so you will not find compatible with this firm.

Compatible senseo:there are some compatible capsules thanks to the standardization of their single-dose and paper (soft) capsules. For this reason, you can buy several brands of ESE-type pads that are available for these Philips coffee machines, such as those from Fortaleza, Solimo (Amazon’s white brand), etc.
· Other compatible: there are also other compatible ones, such as those aimed at Lavazza coffee machines for capsules.

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