If you have fine and thin hair, you know very well how difficult it is to find an ad hoc haircare routine. Volume and strength: these are the two main objectives when for years we have struggled with hair with very fine fibers and which, with great effort, resist styling and styling.
But not only that, if the lack of volume were not enough, the finest hair also tends to get dirty easily , thus resulting already weighed down after a few hours from cleansing . Despite being healthy and well cared for, this type of hair needs special extra care to strengthen it and, of course, give it volume.
To be treated with particular attention, thin hair needs a few more tricks to avoid worsening their situation and gaining volume at the roots. You don’t know how to do
it. We’ll explain it to you.

  • The causes of fine hair
    • L’eta
    • Color
    • The treatments
    • Weathering
  • How to cure and treat them
    • what shampoo
    • Supplements
    • Scrub per la cute
    • Volumizing sprays and powders
    • Dry shampoo
  • The cuts and hairstyles
  • The things not to do

The causes of fine hair
Having fine hair is certainly not a problem to worry about but, of course, all the causes that can interfere with the correct development of the hair fiber must be taken into consideration. Although the main cause of fine hair is genetics , there are some additional elements that can be worsened or made even more difficult to manage.
An improper diet , hormonal changes or high levels of stress can further weaken the fibers by increasing the possibility of broken hair and split ends. The age
Age should not be underestimated, as hair, like every part of the body, changes and changes with the passing of the years and, even the thickest ones, tend to get thinner in adulthood . Color
A variable that you never think about is hair color and, be careful, we are not talking about bleaching or treatments, but about natural shades. In fact, blonde hair tends to be naturally thinner and therefore needs more care and hydration. Bleaching treatments , intensive use of hair straighteners, dyes, perms or similar: it is undeniable that even the most resistant hair can be damaged by these intensive treatments. If you really can’t give it up, always remember to add masks, heat protectors and dedicated treatments to restore the hair fiber. Atmospheric agents
Have you ever noticed that your hair at the beach or during the holidays is more beautiful, voluminous and full-bodied.
In addition to the stress that has gone away, even the lack or reduction of pollution can be a significant variable. Also in this case, specific treatments can be selected that will restore the balance of the entire hair through a detoxifying process .How to cure and treat them
Today, on the market, there are many types of treatments and products designed to help and strengthen the most sensitive hair.
From shampoos through masks to supplements to be taken orally which, if taken regularly, can help the production of biotin, essential for hair growth. The shampoo
Choosing the right shampoo for fragile and thin hair is a challenge that can take time and many, if not many, tests. Obviously, hydration must not be lacking, but if excessive it could go to weigh down the hair, moreover on the market there are ad hoc products designed precisely to make the hair stronger and more voluminous.
HAIRMED, B6 Volumizing Shampoo Fine Hair, Keratin Shampoo, Professional Hair Restructuring, Keratin for Hair 200 ml

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    always better to opt for products in mousse or foam which, having a lighter formulation, will gently cleanse without weighing down the fiber.
    Omia Therapy Sebo Eco Bio Bergamot Shampoo, Oily and Fragile Hair with Seborrheic Dermatitis, Purifying Action, Suitable for Daily Use, Dermatologically Tested, 200 ml

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      Thin hair often rhymes with greasy hair and, even in this case, there are ad hoc cleansers designed to purify the hair and skin. But be careful, choosing detoxifying and degreasing formulas could trigger the rebound effect, i.e. a greater production of sebum in defense of the skin. It is always better to alternate with more moisturizing products or add a full-bodied balm. Supplements Hair supplements can
      also be an excellent solution to help weaker and thinner hair: to be taken orally every day, they show the first results after a few weeks of use.
      Sweet Bunny – Hair Vitamins – Grow Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair – 60 Vegan Gummies – 1 Month Supply

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        These supplements, now also available with organic and vegan ingredients, contain all the useful nutrients balanced correctly: biotin, selenium, zinc, copper, keratin, vitamin A, vitamin E and more.
        Hair care panda – 2 packs healthy vitamins for hair, vegan jellies biotin strong dense hair 60 jellies

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          Body and face scrubs are an inevitable element in everyone’s beauty routine, but why not do it also for the hair
          Use a mechanical peeling , every seven or fifteen days, to purifying the skin is not only useful for eliminating dead cells, but also for purifying it by automatically lightening the entire hair and making the hair more voluminous.
          Viteddy Volumizing Scalp Scrub – Detox Scalp Peeling – Dandruff Scalp Scrub – Greasy Hair Scrub Remedies – Hair Scrub with Biotin and Vitamin E

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            In addition, the mechanical action given by the granules of different sizes, will stimulate the microcirculation by stimulating hair growth making them stronger and more vigorous.
            Kerastase Fusio-Scrub Apaissant – 500 Ml

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              Buy on Amazon Volumizing sprays and powders
              After the fundamental cleansing and styling phase and, even in this case, it is possible to use the perfect products to give volume to thin and fine hair . For example , sea salt sprays, also called sea salt sprays, which allow you to recreate the effect of hair wet from sea water and left to dry in the sun.
              Bumble And Bumble Surf Infusion – 100 Ml

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                Buy on Amazon To spray on the lengths , this spray, in addition to helping to create beach waves, allows you to give support and volume to the hair while adding texture to the hair.
                No less important, then, the poor volumizers designed specifically to increase volume at the root. After drying your hair just apply a little to the root and add a quick massage to get it faster at the root.
                Davines More Inside Texturizing Dust 8 gr, 12085)

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                  Get to know dry shampoo
                  A perfect product for emergency situations where it is not possible to wash the hair, but absolutely not as a substitute for the classic shampoo, it is also used to give volume to the hair .
                  Maria Nila – 250 ml dry shampoo, to refresh the hair and to have more volume

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                    A secret stolen from the stars and used by many hairstylists and which, today, you can easily replicate too: after styling, divide the hair into horizontal sections and spray the dry shampoo about 20 cm; finish it all off with a light root massage to stimulate volume.
                    Batiste BATISTE TROPICAL 200ML

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                      Buy on Amazon Cuts and hairstyles
                      Obviously, to have lighter and more voluminous hair , it is essential to choose the right haircut. Better to avoid long cuts: the weight of the hair, in fact, would further remove volume and, if not properly cared for, could seem even more neglected and damaged.
                      Yes, on the other hand, to short cuts and long bobs that will lighten the entire hair, automatically giving volume, making the hair appear fuller and the hair thicker. In addition, short cuts require less time for styling and this will allow less damage to the hair.
                      If, on the other hand, you can’t give up long hair, opt for light onesscaling in order to lighten the top without sacrificing length. Also add a scaling to the sides of the face to take advantage of the benefits of hair contouring .
                      For styling, beach waves and waves could help you recreate some volume, even better together with a side parting to make the front of the cut more full-bodied.
                      As for the hairstyles for fine hair , do not choose too tight hairdo but always remember that backcombing is a great friend and ally: to be done at the root to be able to create a thicker and more effective crop. The things not to do
                      If so far we have explained to you what you should do to improve fine hair and add some volume, you also need to know (in order to avoid them) the mistakes and the things not to do if you have very light and thin hair:

                      • tight and tight hairstyles : they could damage and further weaken the hair;
                      • avoid balm : even if it seems to weigh them down, hydration comes first;
                      • use too many pre-styling treatments : use them, but try not to overdo it or you will risk weighing down the lengths;
                      • the parting in the center : change it often to avoid thinning hair;
                      • do not color your hair : rely on a good hairstylist who will help you discover the best colors to create the illusion of volume.
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