Dreaming of chocolate indicates a strong need for love and affection. Here are all the interpretations.
Dreaming of chocolate in the language of dreams, eating it with taste and satisfaction is the expression of a deeper desire for warmth, personal gratification, happiness. It is the acknowledgment of a more adult sentimental need than the most infantile desire for sweets, as it mainly affects the sexual sphere. What does it mean to dream of chocolate Chocolate in the collective imagination, beyond the obvious food connotation, has always been linked to an idea of ​​happiness and well-being that every person aspires to in their life.
Known in antiquity as the Food of the Gods, in the interpretative language of dreams,the same consoling, sensual, almost ecstatic disposition that she possesses in the real world. Dreaming of chocolate, dreaming while we eat it, we fill our hands with it, we give some to someone or, conversely, someone gives it to us, getting dirty while we touch it, even in the different shades of meaning dictated by the different contexts of the dream, and , however, certainly the dream manifestation of our repressed emotional need, of a sentimental or sexual nature, however, a need to have or give love.
Need for affection and tenderness that at times, due to the rejections received or the disappointments had, many of us tend to repress, almost to freeze, in an emotion that is not ours, for fear of suffering again but that find the path in the dream evocation.
Sometimes they can be the warning signal of a need more linked to the sphere of sexuality which, in these cases, will be of simple intuition precisely because of the evocative power of pleasure and satisfaction that has always been linked to chocolate and we experienced in the dream. Dreams and Psychology: Meaning of Chocolate
In the language of dreams, and also from a psychological point of view, dreaming of chocolate therefore always indicates in us a strong need for love: affection and tenderness, pampering and attention, sex. It does not matter. What matters is that their lack prevents us from being truly happy. Let’s listen then! Let us let ourselves go, without fear and without limits, living our life, giving love and preparing ourselves to receive it. And rest assured, everything will be for the best. It is worth the risk to be happy. What does it mean to dream of chocolate Eat it:in large quantities and with taste in the Dictionary of Dreams and always the dream recognition of a state of falling in love. Satisfaction index for a love that has just blossomed or that is beginning if by eating it we are happy and without guilt; need for any relationship that is instead denied to us, if by eating it we are simply and sadly comforted.
Donating, giving chocolate: in dreams it must make us reflect on our emotional availability towards the person to whom we give it. It can in fact be an indication of a real interest in him, still latent or simply not expressed. Receive as a giftchocolate from someone: it can be the way that our unconscious adopts to make us take note of the interest that that person has in us and that, in everyday gestures, we have not grasped.
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Chocolate 32
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Liquor 65
Bitter Chocolate 63
Chocolate 6

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