Nail biting is an aesthetic and social problem for many people . The hands represent a real business card for all of us. It is the first part of the body, together with the face, that we show to others, but above all the one that allows us to interact with those in front of us.
Scientists speak of nail biting, a “vice” that has rather serious consequences both from a psychological and a health point of view. In fact, nails carry bacteria and viruses , which is why by bringing them to the mouth we are more exposed to diseases that can affect the respiratory system, gums and teeth.
Not to mention the social impact of nail biting. Often those who do it have poorly manicured hands , with damaged and gnawed nails that they are ashamed to show in public and dream of a beautiful manicure with a trendy nail polish, to proudly show off their hands. This is just a dream
. Absolutely not! In fact, there are many remedies and tricks to stop eating hands. The remedies to stop biting your nails
If you have decided to stop biting your nails, arm yourself with a little patience and try some tricks to say goodbye to this bad habit.

  • Aloe vera – to keep your hands away from your mouth you will need a strong deterrent. Aloe vera is a beneficial plant, with many properties, but it has a very bitter taste. Spread the gel on all fingers, including nails. This way when you try to nibble on it, the taste will be so unpleasant that you will immediately remove your hand. If you don’t have aloe vera at home, you can use other foods that have an unpleasant or strong taste, such as garlic, onion, chilli or lemon.
  • Patches – a shock therapy against nail biting involves covering the nails with patches. In this way, every time you want to give in to temptation, you will find yourself nibbling on patches. It will be difficult at first and you will have to change them often, but over time the situation will improve.
  • Gloves – Wearing gloves is a great way to combat nail biting. It is a perfect remedy especially if you decide to take care of your nails during the winter, a little less in the summer, but in this case we recommend using the cotton or silk version.
  • Gel and tips – While waiting for your nails to grow back more beautiful and healthier than before, try applying the gel or the tips. Not only will they give you a new look, but at the same time they will protect them from you!
  • Find a “substitute” – The urge to bite your nails does not give you peace
    Then try to eliminate the urge to gnaw your nails by using a sort of “substitute”. For example, you can nibble on licorice root which will soothe your nerves and help you think about other things. Always keep it close at hand, to use it in case of need.

Why we bite our nails
Nail biting is a habit that is part of the daily routine of many people. Many do it without even realizing it. Nails are made up of keratinized dead cells and have various functions. The habit of eating them can start at any age. Often it all begins when you and children put your hands close to your mouth, however the causes can be mainly of an external or internal nature.
In the first case, onychophagy is caused by anxietyand from the nervousness that arise from particular moments in life, such as economic or work problems, couple quarrels and exams. In all these situations the person is unable to control what is happening to him and thus relieves his stress.
When the causes are internal, on the other hand, onychophagy is caused by emotional imbalances or by an alteration of the nervous system. In this case, the uncontrollable urge to bite your nails can result from family trauma , episodes of violence and mistreatment, self-esteem problems and jealousy. In such situations, onychophagy takes the form of a sort of self-aggression.
In any case, it is important to remember that nail biting is never good for your health. This part of our body in fact hosts germs and bacteria which, coming into contact with saliva, can cause disease. Not only that: damage to the skin of the fingers can cause viral and bacterial infections of the hands and chronic inflammation.

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