The days continue to pass, at home, between video calls, DaD, TV series, films, books and smart working, and the time to relax and take care of yourself seems never to be enough.
And in this situation, an age-old problem returns to afflict us: the hair . In fact, those who usually dye them, for fun or to cover the white ones, could find themselves in difficulty in this period. Because it is true that we must stay at home, but feel cared for, tidy and organized, is good for the spirit and is good for self-esteem. You don’t want to spend the whole season in your pajamas, do you? We
all look forward to the appointment with the hairdresser but, if an “emergency” intervention is really necessary, here’s how to remedy the problem of regrowth, temporarily or more permanently, using sprays, reflexes or DIY dyes .
Source: 123rf Colored mascaras and retouching sprays
They are an excellent idea for those who do not want to see themselves with white hair, do not want to become a hairdresser and do it yourself, but still want to eradicate the hated regrowth. Colored mascaras and sprays come to your aid because they are damage-proof products: they are in fact temporary, that is to say that a shampoo is enough to nullify the effect. Easy and quick to use, they are excellent when you do not have a lot of manual skills, you do not have anyone who can lend a hand in the application of classic colorsor for those who do not trust and prefer to wait for better times to go to a professional salon.
They exist in mascara version , to be passed on the hair by dividing it into strands, focusing on the most visible parts and applying the color with care. They are great for those who don’t have a lot of white hair but only need to cover some of them.
Schwarzkopf Hair Temporary Hair Mascara – Brown
Temporarily covers gray hair with a natural result. The precision applicator allows you to cover the desired areas. Plus, it dries quickly, for quick on-the-go application and can be washed off easily with shampoo. Available in different colors.
11,00 EUR
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L’Oreal Paris Mascara Instant Touch Up Perfect Precision
Covers thinning white hair and / or white hair at the temples. It dries quickly and has a no transfer hold. It blends perfectly with the hair color.
11,53 EUR
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For those who have a larger quantity, better opt for sprays . They are kept at a safe distance from the root, press the dispenser and the spray dye will color the regrowth in an invisible way. The important thing is to section the hair strands so as not to end up with some uncovered areas and to remember that, with both products, it will be necessary to repeat the application after each wash .
Schwarzkopf Regrowth Retouch – Chestnut Regrowth Temporary Spray – 120ml
Instantly covers the clearest and most gray regrowth and gives a harmonious result with the rest of the lengths. Easy to use, requires no shutter speed. Available in different colors.
9,00 EUR
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L’Oreal Paris Perfect Retouch – Instant Corrector Spray for White Roots and Hair – 75 ml
A light and easy-to-apply formula that covers gray hair in just 3 seconds, with a homogeneous result and color uniform. Also available blond.
9,90 EUR
6,89 EUR
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Source: 123rf The highlighter, to revive the color
If you do not need to cover white hair but you still find yourself with regrowth , if the gap between the natural color and that of the tint is not much, a simple highlighter might be enough .
It is easy to apply , even on its own, because it is spread after shampooing on wet but towel-dried hair, so that it is easier to distribute. Obviously, in the case of blond hair, the light or tone-on-tone reflections will simply make them shinier, but by applying more dark ones you will also be able to change the color .
– Reflecting and revitalizing coloring mask – 300 ml
It nourishes, intensifies and tones natural, colored and streaked hair. After shampooing, distribute evenly with a comb on towel-dried hair. Leave on for 3 to 15 minutes depending on the desired intensity. Available in different shades.
10,89 EUR
6,90 EUR
Buy on Amazon
If, on the other hand, the detachment of tonality between the root and the lengths is very different, unfortunately the color will not be very homogeneous, unless you choose dark and intense reflections , which will not completely cover the deadlift, but will make it less clear. The color at home, how to do it yourself without errors
First of all it is good to understand how to choose the most suitable color for our hair and similar to that of the already colored part. To do this, it would be better to ask your trusted hairdresser for advice, who will understand the situation and will be able to give targeted indications, also in order not to find himself with too much damage to remedy.
Better then to buy products on online sites (or shops, when possible) of hairdressing supplies , so that you can only use quality materials . With supermarket colors, in fact, in addition to having a sometimes lower quality, it is difficult to predict the final result that will be obtained.
Important and also to protect the skin wellto avoid staining it with coloring, considering that it is not easy to apply alone. A very greasy cream will be enough to apply on the ears and near the hairline, but without covering it, otherwise the color will not adhere. It is also important to carry out a skin test to avoid any allergies. It is a good idea to protect the surfaces with old towels or cloths, to avoid irreversibly staining them. Also wear old clothes that you don’t mind ruining as they will probably get stained. Also remember to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands.
Source: 123rf
Now it’s time todissect the head , so that it is easier to distribute the staining. Divide it into 4 sections , drawing a vertical and a horizontal line and isolate them, in order to have a more orderly work surface. To facilitate application and to ensure that the hair does not move, apply the t inta on the perimeter of the head and also where the lines of the sections are present. Take one of the four sections and, with the help of a tail brush , take small strands and start applying the dye on the root , until you have completed the whole quadrant. Proceed in this way on the remaining three and, once you have covered the whole root, with the same proceduremove to the lengths .
For the back it would be good to get help from someone, also to make the process faster. Alternatively, the only option is to turn your back to the mirror and place another one on the front, so you can see behind it. After carefully covering your entire head, massage in the color to make sure you have not forgotten any areas. Wait for the necessary processing time and then proceed with rinsing , without removing the gloves to avoid staining your hands and nails. It is important, then, to make a couple of shampoos , taking care to concentrate well in massaging the rootsdissolve the color well and avoid accumulations on the skin. A little bit of conditioner to soften the hair and prevent frizz and go with the fold!

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