Staying at home for this long is not just synonymous with boredom. In fact, it is possible to devote yourself to many activities, pick up that long-forgotten book in hand, try your hand at the kitchen instead of eating the usual can of tuna but, and perhaps above all, we can recover a few moments for the care of your own person . And between hair wraps , do-it -yourself dyes to limit regrowth, makeshift manicures and skincare treatments like at the spa, do-it -yourself face masks cannot be missing .
Making them is very simple and with ingredients that are easy to find , at the supermarket and without having to spend large amounts. We offer you onefor all skin types , but they are all worth trying! The nourishing mask with avocado that plumps the skin
Avocado contains essential fatty acids that help to nourish the skin in depth, making it smooth and very soft. Just choose a well-ripened avocado (it must be slightly soft to the touch), cut it in half and blend a part, or mash it with a fork. Then add a teaspoon of honey , moisturizing and antibacterial and, for an even richer effect, a little olive oil . It is spread on the face with a brush and left on for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed.
Source: 123rfBanana, a panacea for dry skin
For those with dry skin, try the banana mask . Choose a ripe banana and mash the pulp with a fork, until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream, taking care not to leave too large pieces. Add a couple of tablespoons of yogurt and honey , with a moisturizing and soothing power and, for a shock action, a tablespoon ofhighly nourishing and restorative olive oil . It is spread on a clean face and left to act for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinsed off and continued with the usual skincare routine. Honey and lemon, infallible allies for dull skin
If your complexionis dull and gray , and the case to try the mask based on lemon and honey . Honey is moisturizing and antibacterial , but it helps to increase the production of collagen , and antioxidant and contains enzymes with a slightly exfoliating power , which promote cell renewal. Lemon juice , on the other hand, thanks to citric acid, helps to make the skin more silty , lighten spots and discolorations and it too has an exfoliating action .
Very easy to prepare, just combine honey with lemon juice, apply on the face, leave to act for 10 minutes and rinse. In the case of dull but drier skin , you can add a spoonful of yoghurt and a little oil . The skin will be very bright and even the blackheads attenuated !
Source: 123rf Half a cucumber for a detox effect on impure skin
It is well known that cucumber is an excellent ally for a detox effect on the skin. But it is also astringent and purifying , therefore perfect for impure skin . United towhole white yogurt , moisturizing , antibacterial , anti- wrinkle , and excellent for impure skin, especially if with the addition of a little lemon . Just wash a cucumber well and blend half of it, leaving the peel. Then add a few tablespoons of yogurt, a little lemon juice, leave to act for about twenty minutes and rinse. It can be repeated once or twice a week for a deeply cleansed skin. Soothing mask with aloe, oat or potato gel
Both aloe and oats are two excellent ingredients for soothing sensitive skin. Aloe gel is easy to find and low cost or, having the plant at home, you can draw directly from it. Just combine the gel with turmeric , with antibacterial properties , for a calming effect on sensitive and reddened skin, as well as moisturizing .
Another recipe for sensitive skin, however, involves the use of oat flour , with emollient , moisturizing and soothing properties. In a bowl, combine 2 or 3 tablespoons of oat flour with two or three tablespoons of milk and leave the mixture to macerate. Oats will absorb the milk and turn into a rather sticky cream. It’s time to add a spoonful of honey to make the mixture creamier and, if desired, also a spoonful of yogurt . In the case of very dry skin , even a tablespoon of olive oil . Apply and leave on for about twenty minutes, then proceed with rinsing.
Source: 123rf Lifting and illuminating effect with egg white, lemon and honey
After overcoming the obstacle of putting the eggon the face, there are actually many beneficial properties of this ingredient. In fact, the egg white is illuminating and anti – aging because the proteins contained within repair the tissues and also contains lutein , which helps to keep the skin hydrated but above all elastic and also contains numerous vitamins . Making a mask is very simple: add an egg white to a spoonful of honey and a little lemon juiceand mixes vigorously, in order to obtain a not too liquid mixture. It is applied to the face and left to act for 20 minutes, then removed with the help of a wet sponge. The skin will be relaxed and radiant like never before! Some advice in general for DIY masks
Although they are natural ingredients and that we find in the supermarket, it is always good to do skin tests to avoid irritation and obviously avoid ingredients to which you are allergic.
Then avoid applying the DIY masks too close to the eye contour and, if you use lemon , remember not to expose yourself to the sunand to apply a sunscreen cream, because the citric acid contained inside could stain the face, being photosensitizing.
Before making a mask, remember to open the pores well with a warm cloth and make a light scrub , also made at home with honey and white sugar, thinner and less aggressive. This will prepare the skin for the application of the mask.
Always remove it with warm water and then proceed with a complete skincare routine to enhance its benefits. Repeat the application at least once a week, also alternating the various types to obtain different results.

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