The chest of drawers are always useful furniture that can be placed in different spaces of your home: in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, but also in passageways such as the corridor. The choice of the correct positioning of the chest of drawers depends on what we want to put in the container. Presumably a chest of drawers in the bedroom holds clothing and linens. Instead, a chest of drawers in the kitchen will be the perfect place to store cutlery, crockery and various cooking utensils.
The purchase of furnishing accessories always involves a considerable outlay. For this reason it is desirable to consider the possibility of making do-it -yourself chest of drawersfor the different rooms of your home. You need to have a little patience and a little manual skill. The rest will come by itself. Do-it -yourself chests of drawers: the material needed to make
them In addition to the physical and psychological predisposition to carry out DIY chests, suitable materials and tools are needed to make do-it-yourself chests of drawers. The final product must be robust and beautiful to look at, and the goal can only be reached if you are well equipped. To get the best results you need to get the following tools :

  • a saw bench;
  • a screwdriver;
  • a pincer;
  • a sander.

The useful materials to do the job, which will actually make up the structure of the new DIY chest of drawers, are:

  • wood glue;
  • beads;
  • material for the “faces” of the drawers.

Assembling the do-it-yourself chest of drawers
The most important phase in the construction of the do-it-yourself wooden chest of drawers is the preparation of the different parts of the furniture which must then fit together easily. This is why great care must be taken when cutting wooden boards and joints of the correct size.
To glue the upper and lower part to the side supports, clamps or wedges can be used to keep the different pieces tightly closed to each other. Subsequently the different wooden boards must also be nailed.
A fundamental step is to create the grooves where the drawers slide. After having dug them you can move on to the pre-assembly of the do-it-yourself wooden chest of drawers.
The front parts of the drawers must in turn be prepared with grooves where the bottom of the container is glued. For the handles, wooden strips measuring 5 x 2 cm are suitable.
The different faces of the drawers must be fixed with headless nails so that they are not evident in the surface of the cabinet.
The grooves that allow the drawers to slide must be passed first with sandpaper and then with wax, so that they are smooth and do not give excessive friction. The do-it-yourself wooden chest of drawers
The most suitable material for making do-it-yourself chest of drawers is wood. In fact, it is possible to find it for little or nothing, it is easy to work with, beautiful to look at, pleasant to the touch. In particular, fir is often available as a recycled material, for example left over from previous renovations. An excellent variant is represented by pine wood, equally economical and ductile.
The beads are the shape that the wood must take in order to be used advantageously to build the much desired dressers from you. These are planed wooden boards characterized by joints on the sides that are divided into male and female. In the building sector they are generally used for wall and ceiling coverings to compose the so-called “matchboard”.
To build the structure of aDIY wooden chest of drawers and good to get beads about 20mm thick and 12cm wide. The kitchen
chest of drawers The kitchen chest of drawers is a functional piece of furniture that helps to fuel the welcoming and warm atmosphere of the most intimate room in the house. Inside are kept cutlery and useful tools for cooking, together with tablecloths, tea towels and dishes.
Wood is the most suitable material for the kitchen environment because its chromatic shades favor a serene and restful climate. Furthermore, wood is a product of nature that arouses the feeling of living in harmony with the surrounding environment.
In the creation of a wooden chest of drawers for the kitchenit may be useful to create dividers. Some strips of wood are for us. They must be well sanded and cut so that they fit together. In this way it is possible to obtain the different spaces in which to divide the cutlery, the one for the forks, the one for the spoons, the knives, and other compartments where to store everything you need. The chest of drawers in the bedroom
The chest of drawers for the bedroom must be characterized by large drawers where it is possible to easily store clothes and linen. Making it with the methods of bricolage allows you to save money, to live a fun experience, which gives satisfaction and allows you to use creativity to meet your needs.
The chest of drawers in the bedroom can be decorated with drawings or engravings, depending on the personal taste of the person who makes it and places it in the room of the house dedicated to rest. The most used techniques for making decorative designs on wood are decoupage and stencils .

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