Among the essential ingredients to build a do-it-yourself bookcase there is imagination, a large dose accompanied by acute eyesight, glue, nails and hammer and then again wood, steel and cardboard.
The materials to create a DIY bookcase are endless.
Check out these ideas to find the solution that best suits your needs. Wood in all its forms
Lovers of reading (and not only) have the perennial need to have the books they avidly read at hand, which is why do-it-yourself bookcases are so successful.
Choosing this piece of furniture manages to combine all the uses that the do-it -yourself bookcase will carry out: keeping books and at the same time allows you to furnish with a unique and original piece.
Wood is the most used material, in all its variants it allows you to transform yourself into a do-it-yourself wooden bookcase without excessive effort . The fruit crates can be painted and hung on the wall, rather than stacked, perhaps asymmetrically, thus transforming, in record time, into cheap DIY bookcases. The pallets for the transport of goods can be modified, removing some bases and following the rules of imagination, to transform them into original DIY bookcases with a rustic look.
Choosing a soft color or a pastel color can perfectly integrate with an environment furnished in a shabby style.
Even the ladderfound in the attic and covered with dust it can have a second life, as
After having dusted it and painted it with your favorite color it can be hung horizontally on the wall and become an inexpensive do-it-yourself bookcase, which although challenging, given its size, can represent a strong point of the furniture.Do-it -yourself bookcase: the idea and the starting point
Observing the world around us is the first step to finding innovative and original ideas.
The next step is to put into practice what blends in the head. To make the idea take shape, you need to have the necessary material at hand, or recover . To transform a wooden object and give a second chance to what is about to become garbage, you need to have all the useful tools to get to work.
To proceed with the restyling and build a do-it-yourself bookcase, especially the version deriving from recycled materials, you need: sandpaper, tempera for the wood, protective paint, a hard bristle brush, nails, screws and tools.
The sanding part is the most expensive in terms of energy, but once done you can start viewing your DIY library.
If you have chosen to create a DIY bookcase with fruit crates, you can line the inside of the crate with fabric , gluing to the surface a canvas that is in line with the rest of the fabrics in the environment, in this way you will have created a DIY wooden bookcase suitable for the room!
The ladder , on the other hand, can be used both as a wall unit , rather than as shelves, positioning it vertically and adding boards applied to the rungs.
This solution is perfect if you wantplace original DIY bookcases in a large room .
The approach is different if the choice falls on more demanding materials to transform, such as iron or steel. DIY bookcase: how to transform simple iron (or steel) wires Using iron or steel wires to create original DIY bookcases is a quick and economical solution.
Adaptable to any environment, these solutions make the structure minimal by ensuring that the role of furniture is given exclusively by the books hosted.
The do-it -yourself bookcase built with steel or iron cables allows you to fill some spaces without over-invading.Excellent solution for equipped walls , it allows you to create a continuous line and fill the wall between one wall unit and another.
Another way to create a self-made bookcase with iron or steel cables is to fill the space left empty between the kitchen cabinets, especially when you have an exposed hood and you want to have books to prepare gourmet dishes. handy.
The bathroom also lends itself to this solution. Very often we tend not to add wall units in the bathroom as there is a risk of excessively reducing the light, so adding cables, perhaps to form a triangle, setting a minimal structure, can be a suitable solution to embellish the bathroom without weighing it down with new ones. lockers .
The shelves in the cellar can come back to life.
To operate this metamorphosis it is necessary to have specific tools and a lot of patience, unlike wood, iron is more resistant and less modifiable. Do-it-yourself bookcase: not just books
Adding books to your home does not necessarily mean being “addicted” or having too many books.
Sometimes choosing to add a do-it-yourself bookcase to your home is just a form of furniture , precisely for this reason and to be able to have an inexpensive do-it-yourself bookcase, cardboard is useful for creating fake books and filling spaces. Flower pots, ornaments and photo holdersare other valid elements to be placed on a bookcase thus avoiding leaving an empty space that is not very functional. Creating containers with resistant cardboard boxes allows you to create a do-it-yourself bookcase that is multifunctional and is not intended only to store books, you will have the opportunity to create unique and original DIY home decorations .
The need to be versatile is found above all in this era of history, with the advent of the digital world, the desire to create do-it -yourself bookcases cannot diminish, thus allowing this piece of furniture an alternative and functional use . Mix that passes you. Original DIY bookcases.
Following the imagination is the first step to be able to transform an object that engages in an original, unique and design piece of furniture.
If you are not familiar with carpenters’ tools, you can choose to build a do-it -yourself bookcase with different objects of different materials .
Bricks are a good ally to create a starting point on which to place small boards or boxes. Choosing the most suitable material for the style of the room and the extra gear to ensure that the do-it-yourself bookcase can enhance and add elegance to the environment.
If, for example, the style of the room is minimal and linear, you can think of oneharmonized and wavy steel plate that, contrasting with the furniture, creates an undemanding but particular glance .
The secret to creating an original do-it-yourself bookcase is not to overdo it with the materials , to maintain a common thread with the decor of the rooms and to be daring in the colors and finishes .
For example, the autumn season is full of subjects and elements that recall home warmth, why not enrich the new DIY bookcase with dry leaves applied in strategic points
The ideas proposed to create DIY bookcases are simple and original, take a cue and choose the one that best matches your environment, get to work and … rest while reading a book, perhaps the one you just placed on the top shelf, nearby to the primrose you picked in the garden last spring.

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