The house stimulates creativity. Furnishing it allows the play of combinations, colors and shapes that reflect or contrast with each other to create a harmonious but moved whole. Sometimes you can even improvise craftsmen and interior designers.
It happens with the bedside tables, those indispensable cabinets in the bedroom, where the objects of the night are placed: the easy-to-turn light that you are groping for an escape to the bathroom, the strategically prepared glass of water, the book to read before sleep, the smartphone for the last message of the day and to look fearfully at the time.
The do-it-yourself bedside tablesthey are an opportunity to save and have fun. In fact, disused objects can be assembled to obtain original creations with a minimum cost. To the satisfaction of saving is added the pleasure of having created an unpredictable object that tells the taste of those who furnish. Creative recycling
There are many objects that can be transformed into bedside tables. There is no limit to the imagination. In some cases no modification of the object to be recycled will be necessary, while in others the recycling will appeal to the manual skills of the homeowner.
By now shaky chairs, suitcases from the past, fruit boxes, pallets, tin containers are all artifacts that can become irresistible DIY bedside tables. Reinterpretable at will, repainted in your favorite color, plain or with colorful flourishes, decorated with jewels, bows, flowers, stickers, puppets. Suitcases and bedside tables, what a passion
Grandfather took them on the train when there were still compartments with wooden seats.
Grandmother kept them in the closet, with black and white photographs and postcards of yesteryear.
The leather briefcasesthey are no longer used but are robust, heavy, fragrant and spread the charm of an era. Reused as supports next to the head of the bed, they infuse their magical aura throughout the bedroom.
If they are small in size, they can be superimposed, creating an enviable vintage effect . In fact, every skin imperfection refers to a suggestive experience and projects into a narrative dimension. The golden buckles and clasps represent elegant, discreet and unusual ornaments. Bedside tables and fruit boxes, a vegetable partnership
Fruit boxesthey are not just objects with a purely practical function. With a few tweaks and a little inventiveness they can become fashionable furnishing accessories. In particular, they have a vocation for posing as bedside tables in the bedroom.They are usually built with raw wood that has treacherous splinters for distracted hands. It is therefore necessary to sand the surfaces, that is to make them smooth and uniform with abrasive paper. This process requires a little patience and love for manual skills. After sanding, the wood can be painted with special paints. To obtain a natural effect, a transparent dye can be used which will make the material waterproof and more resistant. Shabby chic bedside tables, DIY bread
The shabby chic styleit is perfectly suited to the creation of do-it-yourself bedside tables: wear and aging of objects that are reused become the reason for their attractiveness. They are enhanced and recontextualized by creating characteristic, warm, welcoming settings. To be shabby chic, the bedside table must have a ruined look. Objects with a faded color due to the wear of time with partially peeling paint and full of signs of erosion of the surface patina are ideal for obtaining shabby chic furnishing accessories.The procedure to obtain the discoloration consists in pickling the wood , that is “to remove the cover”, in the literal translation of the French decaper. Sandpaper, satin acrylic paints, brushes, a candle are required.
The first step to pickle an artifact and sand the surface so that it is smooth and uniform; any imperfections can be filled or maintained, depending on the overall desired effect.
It is then necessary to apply the paint that you want to use as a base. It is the darkest color that must emerge, as if the aging of the furniture were natural.
The overhangs and edges must be waxed so that the second layer of varnish comes off easily in the subsequent sanding phase. After applying the wax, the layer of a lighter color than the base shade is applied.
As soon as the color is dry, it will be possible to carry out the second sanding, the procedure that allows the base color to peek out to simulate the wear of time. To complete the work, just apply a coat of transparent opaque dye. DIY cardboard bedside tables Dedicating yourself
to a creative activity in company puts you in a good mood and is good for friendships and family ties. The creation of original cardboard bedside tables is a good opportunity to join forces, wits and hearts. To start the “dance” you need to have cardboard boxes, glue and a hot glue gun.
We proceed by cutting five cardboard boxes of the same size. After placing one of the cards on a flat surface, spread the mastic on it, glue the second cardboard on it and proceed in this way until all five cardboard squares are glued, as if they were a stack of lego bricks. This way you get the bedside shelf.
For the legs of the nightstandfour rectangular sheets of cardboard are cut out (60 x 30 cm). Each of the rectangles must be rolled up on itself and glued. Each leg should be placed three centimeters from the two adjacent sides of the bedside table. To complete this operation, the glue gun must be used, which must be heated up two minutes before use. Furthermore, it must be handled with caution as the very hot tip can cause burns. More original DIY nightstand ideas
An old and dull bedside table can be renovated to create a nice object that contrasts with the classic furniture, marries a modern setting, enriches a rustic-style space. The surfaces of the cabinet will be sanded and then painted in the color you prefer. For the decorations you can use bottle caps, lego bricks, shells, corks.
A swing can also be part of the bedside table. It will be enough to install two hooks in the ceiling, to have some ropes and a wooden board available. Other types of suspended bedside tables are simply fixed to the wall and can be obtained from old drawers or from containers that are no longer used.
The bedside table is a discreet piece of furniture, it takes up little space, it is in the privacy of the bedroom, it is used in the most sleepy moments of the day. Yet, this small holder for the night glass of water and the book being read can give style and character to your home.

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