The changes on the benches do not stop even during the European Championships and today is the official news of Dionisi, the new Sassuolo coach , in place of De Zerbi who went to Shakhtar .
The neroverde club has formalized, through a press release, the assignment of the role of coach to Alessio Dionisi, with a two-year contract that expires in June 2023. The young coach, therefore, after having brought Empoli to Serie A by winning the cadet championship , is preparing to replace De Zerbi at Sassuolo , which is now a consolidated player in the Italian league.
The former Empoli coachhe has been contested by several Serie A clubs , including Sampdoria , because, despite being very young, he has attracted the attention of several clubs and is one of the best emerging Italian coaches. His desire to go to Sassuolo had been evident for several days but it was not easy for him to get rid of the contract with Empoli. The choice of him sent on a rampage both the president of Empoli Corsi and that of Sampdoria Ferrero . The first has, in fact, answered in a very dry way to the questions about the coach, making it clear that he doesn’t even want to hear about him anymore. Ferrero, on the other hand, volcanic as always, he went much further, calling him a “serial traitor” because, according to him, he did not respect the verbal agreement with Sampdoria . Sassuolo , as usual, focuses on an emerging coach, with the idea of ​​a sparkling and fun football, as he did in his time with
De Zerbi . If we have to find a possible flaw in him, it lies in the fact that he wants to change clubs too quickly and this, in the long run, may not be a profitable choice. Dionisi new Sassuolo coach – Technical Characteristics Dionisi is a young Tuscan technician who started doing his career in Serie D for a few years, before joining Serie C with Imolese

. In the following season, he arrives at Venice , in Serie B; here he reaches salvation, finishing 11th in the standings but changes again at the end of the season, going to Empoli. With the Tuscan team, as we have seen, he immediately wins Serie A and then argues to go to another club. It also happened with Venezia and now history repeats itself. The new Sassuolo
coach prefers the 4-3-2-1 schemeand his teams are very short and well organized. In the non-possession phase, the defense remains high enough and the team creates a great density in the center of the field, leaving a little more space on the flanks. In the setting phase, the midfielder lowers himself aligning himself with the two central defenders while the full-backs rise to the level of the midfielders. The construction always starts from the bottom but the search for verticalization is constant and rapid, so as not to give the other teams time to place themselves. His game, therefore, is based on compactness, speed and organization.
Furthermore, the coach has the predisposition to give a lot of space to young people, who seem at ease with him and mature from a technical and tactical point of view; from this point of view, Sassuoloit seems the right choice because in this it adheres perfectly to the ideas of the technician.

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