Last week the news broke that rocker Patti Smith was going to work as the image of Yves Saint Laurent.An announcement that was finally denied by the prestigious firm. But it would not have been so strange that from one of the most recognized fashion brands they had someone who does not meet the traditional beauty canons to star in their campaigns. This is something that is becoming more and more popular. It is fashionable that on catwalks, magazines or television ads we see women and men who make a difference for some physical trait that goes beyond what is considered beautiful. It is what is called imperfect beauty, something that today is a trend in the world of fashion.
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If there is a model that marked a before and after in this topic, that is Winnie Harlow . At 25 years old, she has become one of the most international models. If it makes a difference for anything, it is for having made vitiligo its best weapon. The Canadian suffers from this skin disease that causes white spots. But far from hiding, what he has done is turn her into his great ally and has starred in campaigns for such important firms as Swarovski, Diesel or Desigual and has been on the cover of the most prestigious magazines in the world.
Since the firms realized that Harlow liked them, they have increasingly opted for models that have some imperfection that citizens like, because in the end it is about imperfections that mark normality and that make many people feel identified. Among the most prominent examples are Slick Woods , the model who sets the trend for wearing a shaved head and having her teeth separated; the British Rebekah Marine has a bionic arm that does not prevent her from getting on the catwalk; the Argentine Paola Antonini has a prosthetic leg; Valentina Sampaio isVictoria’s Secret’s first transgender model ; David Grandy and Noah Millsthey have scars on their faces that do not prevent them from working as the image of international firms; and Ashley Graham was in charge of defending plus size models and now that she is pregnant, she claims that models who are expecting a child can also work. It is about many women and men who make it clear that there is beauty beyond 90-60-60, perfect skin and long hair. The imperfect, or what is the same as normal, is finally in fashion.

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