Diplomatic solution; cap on gas prices; diversification of energy sources; control the prices of gasoline; sanctions to hit the Russian economy; humanitarian corridors and localized ceasefires; economic support and supply of self-defense weapons to Ukraine; support for Italians in Ukraine; support for the European aspirations of Kiev; support for a common EU defense. These are the 10 objectives of the diplomatic action of Rome “for peace and stability” listed by Luigi Di Maio in a post Fb. “Italy – he writes – acts in full harmony with its EU, NATO and G7 partners to put an end to this crazy war”.
“1. Our objective and fixed point is to arrive at a peace solution in Ukraine. This is also why we have said no to the No fly zone: responding to the war with another, bigger war would be an unforgivable mistake. the direction goes for our effort to continue pressing with diplomacy to bring Putin back to the negotiating table and arrive at a diplomatic solution “, writes the Foreign Minister in his post.
“2. As Italy, we asked the EU for some fundamental guarantees, in the primary interest of Italian businesses and citizens: maximum gas prices, measures to mitigate energy costs and a compensatory fund to help Member States. answers arrive, today there was the EU green light for state aid for expensive energy.
3. We continue to work for the necessary diversification of energy sources. The meaning of the missions abroad that we are carrying out is precisely this and we are intensifying all our bilateral relations, as already happened with Algeria, Qatar, Congo, Angola and Mozambique. We must become independent from Russian gas and avoid blackmail.
4. As a government we have already taken action to calm gasoline prices and we will also take other measures. This hateful Putin war has direct and indirect effects, and among the latter there is certainly a speculation from which we must protect the Italians.
5. Let’s move forward with sanctions to target the Russian economy, which is itself used to finance Putin’s army.
Instead, we need to sink their economy and corner a government that continues to bomb a defenseless and blameless people.
6. As Italy, we presented our proposal for localized humanitarian corridors and ceasefires in Europe.
Now the categorical imperative is to do everything possible to avoid more innocent deaths. We are constantly working to obtain a real truce and thus help civilians to escape.
7. The Ukrainian resistance and the European resistance. Ukraine is on the doorstep of Europe and this aggression jeopardizes the security of an entire continent. Let us give all our support to a people who are courageously resisting for us too, defending values ‚Äč‚Äčthat belong to us as Europeans.
We support Ukraine on a humanitarian level and with economic resources, basic necessities and weapons for self-defense.
8. Furthermore, there is the 24-hour commitment of the Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which is helping the Italians who remain in Ukraine. From 2,000 fellow citizens present since the beginning of the invasion, now they have dropped to about 213 and the data is constantly updated. It should be added that, among those who remain, many do not want to leave.
9. As regards Ukraine’s entry into the EU, it is a legitimate aspiration for Italy. It is right that Ukraine should cultivate this project, which Italy supports. Also in other cases we have expressed ourselves in this direction, believing that the wider the sharing, the stronger the
10. We support a common European defense, which is ever more urgent in the face of events similar to the Russian government’s aggression in Ukraine. Europe must strengthen its defense, a solution that goes hand in hand with the adoption of a common foreign policy “, concludes Di Maio.

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