Rocio Carrasco continues to surprise with each statement she makes in her documentary seriesRocio, telling the truth to stay alive . The story concluded on Wednesday night with a surprising coincidence between the protagonist and her daughter, Rocio Flores, despite the fact that they have been at odds for more than a decade. Mother and daughter have the same version about her wedding with Fidel Albiac, that is, that Carrasco did not invite any of her children.My son did not need to be invited. My son was part of that wedding, he was not a guest. I do not have to invite my son to come to my wedding, it was something that made him a barbaric illusion, he was crazy. I do not invite my daughter, unfortunately not, from what is already known by my mouth“, he said in the last chapter of his docuseries.
This confession by the daughter of Rocio Jurado marks a before and after in the long journey of this documentary, which has already broadcast its tenth and final installment, as it is the first occasion in which Rocio Flores and Rocio Carrasco have accepted having experienced the same situation. Another issue is the reason they provide and that can justify their decision. Rocio Flores herself has already discussed this issue and her words could not be clearer: ” The invitation would not have been bad even if it had been out of courtesy”.

Rocio Carrasco has also addressed how her son lived the months prior to his marriage with Fidel. “The last day I see my son, June 23, 2016,I remember him with his backpack knowing that he was going with his father all summer and thatwhen his father brought him, he would go to his mom’s and Fidelito’s wedding.Very happy because he was going to spend the summer with his father and his sisters, because July would be with them, in August it is the Malaga Fair and in September the wedding of mommy”, Rocio Jurado’s daughter began remembering. “Before he go to spend the summer with his father, I had already bought him his suit and his shirt and his tie and shoes and everything”, he commented sadly. The boy, finally, did not attend the wedding and that marked his mother forever. These confessions by Carrasco about the ins and outs of their relationship had been commented on in the past in a very superficial way, however, the revelation made this Wednesday by the protagonist herself ends up making things clear.

Carrasco has attacked hard in this last chapter against Olga Moreno, the current partner of Antonio David Flores. She specifically blames her for the fact that in a meeting with her son in court, both did not even greet each other.“The boy doesn’t see me because she makes sure he doesn’t see me. That view ends and I came out crying… She’s going to tell me ‘are you really not going to greet your son

‘ She doesn’t have what she has to have… They wanted to fill the coffers at the expense of a scandal of mine. Any mother who was in that situation would have reacted in the way they prevented me from reacting like that, today I would have regretted it, “he said.

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