Between design chairs and pull-out shelves, between well-lit work tables and pantries, there are many tricks that can be adopted to transform a kitchen and to make it even more pleasant to live. Searching for the right mix between functionality and practicality is indispensable, both for those who spend a lot of time in this room of the house, and for those who use it less than they could. To organize the space in the best way it is essential to take its dimensions into account, but above all to rely on a few accessories that can simplify everyday life. How to organize the worktop Organize the kitchenit means making sure that each piece of furniture has a dedicated space: this is why you need a worktop designed ad hoc. But it is not enough, because another trick that is worth adopting is to choose anti-splash tiles, essential for both white and colored walls. On the other hand, in the kitchen, sauce and coffee stains are the order of the day: at least in correspondence with the sinks and stoves you can think of preventing them with matching tiles , easy to clean.
Even the creation of a pantryit can be very useful: those who have a sufficiently large wardrobe or sideboard cannot give up this opportunity, so as to be able to count on a pantry in which to store not only food, but also the smallest dishes or appliances , such as food processors. Transparent containers are other very precious allies, since they allow you to keep stocks always under control, preventing them from ending prematurely: in glass or plastic, they can be used for coffee, sugar and salt, but also for pasta, breakfast cereals and spices. How to make the kitchen more practical
Another of the tips to consider to increase the practicalityof the kitchen plans to apply labels on the jars and containers: so there is no risk of exchanging one aromatic herb for another, perhaps while in a hurry. As for the kitchen spaces , the advice is to exploit the empty ones: for example by placing a design chair like those that can be seen on the page – armchairs, or using a trolley. To create a rustic environment, however, you can opt for an old fireplace that no longer works.
The utensils that are used most frequently can be hung instead of stored in cabinets and cabinetsto be opened and closed at all times: the wall solutions have the advantage of combining a very pleasant aesthetic result with an extraordinary utility, jackets allow you to have pots and dishes at hand at any time. Whether it’s hooks or shelves, tidying up spaces is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Furthermore, the kitchen work area should always be illuminated, to allow those behind the stove to benefit from all the light they need. And if there are no windows or balconies, never mind: to properly illuminate the worktops, simply add wall lights, lamps or other artificial light points .
The removable shelves, again, they deserve to be exploited as much as possible, always with a view to optimizing space: they do not create clutter and can be closed when not needed. Finally, it can be an interesting idea to organize themed wall units: napkins on one side, glasses on another, pans on another, and so on.

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