Lotus grill: the smoke-free barbecue!
Lotus Grill is a revolutionary system for making fun barbecues when and where you want. Smokeless, healthy, safe, simple and fast, just add a little charcoal and after five minutes you are ready to grill.
On the balcony, on the terrace, even in the house, the smoke is practically zero, the grease does not drip on the coal, the barbecue attendant is no longer obliged to stay on the sidelines but we all eat together happily. There is no need to blow the fire, or to use other tricks thanks to the integrated battery-powered ventilation system that pushes air onto the charcoal. The ignition of the charcoal takes place using a specially designed gel, odorless and which does not produce smoke during combustion.
With a modern and accurate design, this small charcoal barbecue is a perfect object to keep in plain sight, an element to match your furniture by choosing from the available color variants. Ease of use
The Lotus is composed of a container for coal, a variable speed fan which serves to distribute and control the flow of heat. The container is able to contain about 250 gr. of charcoal sufficient to power the grill for over an hour. The cooking grate is positioned above the charcoal basket. Everything is enclosed in a frame with an attractive design.
The shell does not heat up during cooking, this allows you to place the barbecue directly on the table and to be able to move it easily without problems at any time. Easy to assemble and use, it is advisable to carry out the first ignition outdoors by carrying out a few minutes idle rotation to eliminate residues and processing oils, oils that can give off a little smoke. The grill area allows you to cook enough meat for four people, easy to clean, the grill and the inner tray are in stainless steel, dishwasher safe, while the outer shell is made of plastic.
In short, the Lotus is ideal for enjoying all the flavor of a charcoal barbecue but without the classic hassles that this entails, namely smoke and long ignition times.
Particular attention has also been paid to safety, in addition to the use of the highest quality materials, this small portable barbecue is equipped with a locking system (which also includes the cooking grill) that prevents hot coals from escaping from the container even in case of overturning. Technical features
The Lotus Grill is compact and lightweight. The standard model weighs 3.7 kg and the cooking grill measures 320 mm. The kit includes batteries and a carrying bag. There is also an XL version with a cooking surface of 405 mm. which weighs 6.5 kg where you can also cook for 8-10 people. The availability of accessories to enrich the equipment is practically infinite, including a pizza stone, a domed lid and a glass lid that allow you to transform the barbecue into an oven. With its innovative design, Lotus Grill is available in different colors.

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