There are still too many taboos about this disease . According to many, it is only a sporadic and temporary condition, which has nothing to do with actual diseases. A concept that makes depression a minor pathology, which does not compromise the physical state of a person, as it is considered by the less experienced as an exclusively mental condition.
What many do not know, however, is that depression is a pathology that only initially concerns the psychological state of the individual, but that involves and compromises the person’s daily energies and activities in a short time.
The prejudices about this psychophysical pathology have very serious consequences on the diagnosis of the disease. Suffice it to say that about 15% of the population is affected by it, but not everyone has the strength and courage to admit their conditions, making the depressive state a limbo from which, with the passage of time, it is increasingly difficult to get out.
But how can we recognize depression
There are specific symptoms that can make us identify a depressive state.

Symptoms of Depression
One of the main symptoms of depression is a lack of energy. Those who are depressed tend to get tired very quickly and lose the enthusiasm and desire to perform activities that until recently they carried out without any problems.
Sensitivity and perception of things are altered. Often those suffering from depression tend to perceive objects, the environment and people with distance or even absence.
In addition to physical energies , depression affects mental abilities , making those affected unable to concentrate for an adequate amount of time to carry out their activities. The mind is emptied , as if unable to process articulate thoughts .
It also alters therelationship with sleep , becoming sleepless at the same time, but in a constant state of sleepiness. The moments of wakefulness and sleep are altered , so we tend to want to sleep during the day and stay awake at night.
The relationship with food is also altered. We pass from the most complete fasting, with the lack of appetite , to moments of excessive hunger . You start not taking care of your diet and meal times are constantly changing. How to fight depression

Depression is a condition that needs medical support. This must be said because it is a serious disease, which often cannot be remedied with simple advice. However, there are remedies to face it with more serenity. Let’s see some of them.

  • It is important to force yourself to maintain regularity in your daily activities . Especially as regards sleep, you need to be able to sleep at least 7 hours a night , avoiding delaying the moment of falling asleep.
  • Indulge in activities that keep the body moving . Just walking for half an hour a day is enough to induce the body to produce endorphins , the hormones responsible for good mood. Choose relaxing places, perhaps surrounded by greenery .
  • Help the body with natural ingredients that improve mood. There are totally natural extracts that have a positive effect on the state of our mood, which allow us to avoid psychotropic drugs and to induce a more positive physical and mental state . Try St. John’s wort , a great way to improve your mood.

Remember that depression shouldn’t be underestimated or, even worse, ignored. Talk to a specialist and follow our advice.

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