There is always time for love, even at 59. If before they seemed only indiscretions, now it is almost certain that Demi Moore – One of the most beautiful women in the world (how to deny it) – is happily in love with a man who in the field of her is a real rock star. They were photographed together at Paris Fashion Week but apparently the actress and Swiss chef Daniel Humm had already been dating for several months . Whether it is one of the couples we will hear about in this 2022 Daniel Humm, who is the man who made Demi Moore fall in love
As reported by Page Six, actress Demi Moore has been living her new love story with Daniel Humm for several months already , long before the shots stolen (but not too much) at Paris Fashion Week, which portrayed them side by side during the Chloe Womenswear Fall / Winter 2022/2023 show. The couple sat front row with other international stars of the caliber of Maria Sharapova and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, so it was inevitable that it wouldn’t go unnoticed.
But who is this handsome 46-year-old man who broke into the heart of actress
Daniel Humm and defined by the trade press as a rock star of international cuisine, a highly talented and inventive chef who has revolutionized the way of understanding cooking with a very particular vision. Owner of Eleven Madison Park in New York, which earned him three Michelin stars in 2012, Humm has managed to enter the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world with a completely vegetable menu. Demi Moore and Daniel Humm, the vegan “philosophy” Bold and revolutionary , even criticized in some ways, especially when he decided to totally convert the menu of his starred restaurant without lowering the prices. A risky choice that, despite everything, made him stay on the crest of the wave. “People feel uncomfortable when we speak sincerely about certain topics – said Humm in an interview -, but I continue on my way, which will be increasingly oriented towards vegetable cuisine.It’s the only way to go and I hope to be able to inspire other chefs. I am not against the flesh, but for the planet ”.
And perhaps it is also for this culinary “philosophy” that Demi Moore was deeply attracted to, she who has been following a strictly vegetarian and raw food diet for years . According to Page Six, for months now the two have been dating whenever they have a few spare moments: “David works long, hard hours at his Eleven Madison Park, but often invites Demi to join him for romantic dinners right there.” Daniel Humm, the other famous girlfriend before Demi Moore
In 2019 Daniel Humm had jumped to the headlines due to a flirtation with another very famous woman. It was always Page Six who launched the gossip exclusively, stating that the chef was dating none other than Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of billionaire Steve Jobs , who passed away in 2011.
The evidence of this love affair never came to light, but it caused a lot of discussion about the possibility of a relationship between the two. The Reason Humm’s detractors claimed he was looking for “luck”to finance a new business and that the widow Jobs, philanthropist and husband’s heir, could have been a means of expanding his gastronomic empire. We will never know if she was true or not, no one saw them together anymore and they both went back to their own lives.
Demi Moore and Daniel Humm at Paris Fashion Week

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