The Tax Agency published this Monday the seventh list of defaulters with a relationship with individuals and legal entities that owe more than one million euros to the Treasury. Among the Andalusians, the promoter Aifos, the Cordovan Rafael Gomez Sandokan, the company Abengoa or the actress Paz Vega stand out.
Next, you can do a search in the list of all the great debtors of the Treasury:
We begin the Andalusian list with the Aifos real estate company, which owed93.4 million euros as of December 31, 2020 . The Malaga promoter, in the liquidation phase within its bankruptcy, adds its debt to that of its owners:Jesus Ruiz (15.5 million) and Teresa Maldonado Taillefer (15.6) . We must also add the 37.7 of Promotores y Consultores Ziur , a company belonging to the group. In total, 162.1 million.
They are followed by the companies linked to the Cordovan businessman Rafael Gomez Sandokan . They are Arenal 2000 de Inversiones (12.06 million), Arenal 2000 (64.9 million) and Arenal 2001 (71.93 million). Gomez himself owes 1.9 million. In total, there are almost 150 million.
The multinational Abengoa SA , which is also in bankruptcy proceedings, owes 3.6 million eurosto the Treasury. Also listed are its subsidiaries, Abengoa Finance (4.17 million), Abengoa Abenewco 1 (4.5 million) and Abencor supplies (19.2 million). The entire group numbers more than 30 million.
On the other hand, the problems of the Sevillian actress Paz Vega with the Treasury continue. The name Maria de la Paz Trigo reappears on the list with 3 million in debt, a figure higher than that of the previous list.
Likewise, the group of the deceased businessman from Jerez , Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos , Ruiz Mateos SA, owes the Tax Agency a total of 1.9 million euros.
This seventh list of defaulters also includes the son of the former president of Sevilla FC and current vice president of the entity, Jose Maria del Nido Carrasco. He owes 1.7 million euros.

The companies that owe the most in Spain

If we speak at a national level, the Isolux Corsan Group, Reyal Urbis and Nozar are the three companies with the greatest debts to the Treasury.
Specifically, the Isolux Corsan Group has a debt with the Treasury of 329.65 million euros, while its subsidiary Isolux Corsan Concesiones owes 54.04 million euros, which gives a total debt of more than 383.69 million euros.
Isolux once again unseats the Reyal Urbis real estate company , which with 341.12 million euros is the second company that owes the most to the treasury.
For its part, the construction company Nozar maintains third place, with a debt of 214.88 million euros.

Featured people on the list

As for individuals, the new Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has entered the Treasury’s list of defaulters for the first time, with a debt of around 1.4 million euros, as well as the writer Ildefonso Falcones , with 1.3 million; while the vice president of the Government and former president of Bankia, Rodrigo Rato , with 1.3 million, and the footballer Dani Alves, with about 2 million , return to the list .
For his part, Mario Conde , former president of Banesto, has maintained his debt, owing 8.37 million, while the presenter Patricia Condehas recalled its arrears to 1.11 million, compared to 1.88 million euros the previous year.
For his part, the businessman Javier Merino , ex-partner of Mar Flores, remains on the list with some of his companies, such as Multipetroleos, with a debt of 1.19 million euros; Star Petroleum (1.12 million), and Multipromotur, with a debt of 1.16 million euros.
Similarly, the former Barca and Zaragoza player Gabriel Milito continues to owe the Treasury 1.8 million euros, while the journalist Antonio Navalon has a debt of 2.02 million euros.
On his side, the former president of the Valencia football club Vicente Soriano Serra, which owed 1.38 million euros at the end of 2019, has left the list of large debtors. The writer and journalist Cesar Vidal

also appears on the list and has reduced it to 3.17 million.
Also on the list is the entrepreneur, investment partner in Tuenti and son of Luis Ortiz and Gunilla von Bismarck, Francisco Jose Ortiz von Bismarck , who owes 1.28 million, and the former judge and former member of the General Council of Power continues to appear Judicial (CGPJ) Luis Pascual Estevil , convicted of extortion, with a debt of 3.7 million.

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