Ladies and gentlemen, here is the latest grill of the 5 Star Movement. Only one piece was missing in Italian political history: a chapter (written and published) of an electoral program which was then criticized and dismantled by the party itself.
The gap has now been filled: the movement founded by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio took care of it .
The facts. After having voted and approved the programs on Energy, Foreign Affairs and Labor, and the one on Transport now under discussion and voting among Rousseau members, the first chapters of the Defense program have been released in recent days. Some posts have already been published both on Beppe Grillo’s blog and on the Blog of the Stars and will soon be voted on. But in the meantime a post / chapter of the program has provoked discussions and controversy from military and police personnel. And the criticisms have reached the top of the pentastellato movement.
This can be seen from a post scriptum with the “official position of the M5S” which dismantles and criticizes the post signed by Toni de Marchi, journalist expert in military issues, published 4 days ago both on the blog of Beppe Grillo and on the Blog of the Stars. De Marchi argued, among other things, that “that of the Armed Forces is one of the most organized castes” and “that” often the military, the policemen, the carabinieri, have privileges that escape the majority of public opinion “.
The result – according to the author – “is an excessive expense compared to what should be healthy and physiological”. The post was peppered with other judgments on the “absurd privileges” of the Armed Forces and the police and criticism of the government that “approved a legislative decree that increases the wages of the Armed Forces and police forces, with an expenditure that will increase by about a billion a year “. Finally, De Marchi’s post ended like this: “Too many personnel expenses mean few costs for operations, means few costs for equipment, few costs to keep people on the streets in operations, in short, efficiency of the armed forces and reduced. Politics should have the courage to intervene decisively on this aspect ”.
After two days, a post scriptum appeared at the bottom of the text which in fact disavows thesis, judgments and comparisons. But before publishing a programmatic post, which together with others will be the basis of the online vote, there is always a political scrutiny of the top of the 5 Star Movement. So there remains a question: who has disavowed who
While waiting to understand more, here is the complete PS that is causing the movement to be discussed:
Ps: Respect for the military and for all the police forces: the official position of the M5S: “To say that the military is a caste and an affirmation beyond all logic and that it does not belong to us. Within the Armed Forces there are systems of privileges that we have always denounced, but which do not and have never concerned the military itself, if not specific senior commanders and particular processes close to the old policy. On the contrary, the military, who every day employ resources, commitment and energy in defense of the country and for our security, are the first victims of these pockets of power that continue to compress the base internally. This is the official position of the M5S, reiterated on several occasions. The words expressed by the expert, as already specified in other circumstances, therefore they represent his free personal opinions and not those of the M5S. In this case, even the comparison with the salaries paid to professors is devoid of any sense, given that every profession deserves to be looked at with respect and dignity, especially that of our soldiers “.

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