Sometimes homes need to be spiced up with new touches of color, objects and scent. But it is no longer necessary to completely change the furniture , there is a much cheaper and alternative way to give a new face to your home. Flowers are valid allies in home DIY and can brighten up the home in a simple and effective way: here are 5 ideas to replicate in your home. The perfect flowers to decorate your home
Not all flowers are suitable for decorating your home: it depends a lot on the type of furniture that has been chosen, on the spaces and also on the brightness. Whatever the arrangement and width, there are certain varieties to be preferred which, if positioned in a certain way, can become real furnishing objects . The first idea for decorating a home with flowers concerns vases to hang from the ceiling, chandeliers or furniture. The ideal varieties in this case are petunias, begonias, ferns, but also geraniums and lavender, while if you prefer a cascade effect, the ideal plant is ivy. The flower pots are versatile and give a touch of modernity to the environment.
For all those who do not have a green thumb, but still love flowers, there are two solutions: the first concerns the arrangement of flowers drawn on the wall , while the second the fake ones. To create perfect wall flowers just take a sheet of carbon paper and draw the flower you want, then hang it on the wall. Fake flowers , on the other hand, are a universal solution, suitable for all seasons, but they must not be used as if they were real: therefore no vases, instead put them in a frame to hang on the wall.
If vases to hang are not enough, there is also another solution: vases made from everyday objects, always to be filled with flowers. Just take a glass or tin can, coat them or paint them with spray paint: that’s it! Finally, you can also opt for another solution: take some flowering branches such as peach ones and put them in a transparent vase, to immediately give a very chic and elegant air to the house. The easiest plants to grow at home
In addition to these practical and quick solutions, you can also opt to fill the corners of the house with beautiful plants that can give color, liveliness and freshness to the rooms. Among the easiest varieties to grow at home there are certainly aromatic herbssuch as basil, rosemary and thyme which can be bought in practical jars. These plants can be grown both on the balcony and inside the house, the important thing is to give the right amount of water and expose them to the sun’s rays every day. Just a few vases are enough to fill the kitchen with colors and scents.
Another perfect plant for home environments and ficus : resistant and chic, the only precaution to follow and avoid exposing it to drafts. The ficus is perfect to be placed on furniture, inside the niches of bookcases, but also on the ground for larger specimens. Aloe vera tooit is an excellent plant to be inserted in a domestic context: it is resistant and perfectly furnishes every corner in which it is positioned. In addition to this it also gives a decidedly exotic look to the rooms.
Always keeping a tropical theme, pineapple is also a perfect plant for interiors and is very easy to care for. First of all there is no need to buy it, but just plant the tuft of pineapple that you buy at the supermarket. The tuft must therefore be removed, being careful not to cut the roots, the first leaves are removed to leave the lower part free, then planted in a large and shallow pot. It is advisable to make a layer of expanded clay to promote drainage and then insert the soil. Pineapple is a plant that needs a lot of light and water, therefore it is important to place it near windows and expose it to the sun’s rays frequently. Finally also the ivyIt is a perfect plant to decorate the house and can be placed on higher levels, in order to create a cascade effect.

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