To feel truly at ease in your own home, it is essential to take care of the furniture down to the smallest detail and, therefore, also to decorate the walls so that they are pleasing to the eye and give an important and unmistakable touch of personalization.
You can decorate the walls with photos, but also with paintings, shelves, wallpaper
and in many other ways, to be carefully chosen according to our taste and the functionality of each environment.
Here we propose some refined and design ideas that will help you understand how to decorate the walls of the house in order to make your home welcoming and to your size , so that by opening the door, every evening, you can really feel at ease. Ideas for decorating walls in a creative way
One of the first things to do when thinking about furniture is to choose the color palette , in line with our tastes as well as with contemporary design trends.
Starting from this selection we can also determine how to decorate the walls of the house so that everything is homogeneous and combined .
If you want to play with colors , the ideal is to choose the walls to be painted in different tones, but strictly in a palette , based on how natural light enters the house and the effect we want to achieve.
We talked about natural and artificial brightness in this post and we add that, for example, painting the wall in front of the window in a strong color can absorb some of the light that enters while coloring a side wall can spread a decidedly different atmosphere.
In addition to the colors with which you can play freely, as long as you respect the rules of color scheme and use no more than three shades , the creative idea that gives a touch of personalization to the home is the mural or trompe l’oeil design. .
To decorate the walls with drawings , the advice is to rely on expert professionals who guarantee an optimal result. Do-it-yourself is allowed only if you are experienced decorators.The choice of how to decorate the walls of the house with drawings is very wide: you can create murals that reflect the contemporary street-style , or go classic with a nice trompe l’oeil with a window opening onto a beautiful natural landscape. Or even funny puppets, if we are in the children’s room, or floral motifs for a jungle-inspired living room.
Alternatively, if you prefer more stylized motifs, you can resort to adhesive decorations that allow you to beautify the house without too much effort and are easier to remove and replace. How to decorate the walls of the house with wallpaper
A choice that certainly responds to the contemporary taste and that ofdecorating the walls with wallpaper : even in this case you are really spoiled for choice but being followed by qualified professionals both in the selection and in the installation is the best option.
For those who love the Urban Jungle style , the ideal is to move towards a wallpaper with motifs inspired, in fact, by plants, animals and birds. They range from lighter papers, where the designs stand out on a light background, to decidedly more showy ones with very dense patterns and strong colors.
If you love vintage styleyou can choose a wallpaper with geometric motifs that immediately bring your mind back to the fifties or sixties, or a delicate one with flowers, typical of the forties or even orient yourself towards Art Deco ‘. Decorating the walls with wallpaper is an important choice, there are two options: wallpapering the whole house or applying the paper only to one wall, to give a glamorous touch without weighing it down.
In both cases it is important that the wallpaper to decorate the walls is of excellent quality , resistant and that it is applied by a precise professional, who is able to do a good job and use good materials, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Decorate the walls of the house with photos, paintings or prints
Paintings, photos and prints are essential to convey the personality of those who live in a house, to exhibit memories and to surround ourselves with what we like and make us feel good. Decorating the walls of the house with photos is an excellent idea, especially if you have a passion for photography and have large surfaces that would otherwise be bare.
In fact, to decorate the walls of the house with photos , it is essential to choose the right position on which to place the frames but also the perfect shots, which make us remember precious moments and allow us to tell something about ourselves.
A particular choice could be to hang only photos with a certain style, for example in black and white, or travel photos to bring to mind experiences and places of the heart.
In addition to photos, however, even paintings can help us if we are wondering how to decorate the walls of the house.
In this case , the dimensions, genres and dominant colors of the paintings must be carefully chosen : everything must be combined with the rest of the furniture and harmonize with the surrounding environment. A large room can accommodate one or more paintings of considerable size, with important frames, while if we are in a corridor or in a smaller room, small paintings are perfect.
The advice, in any case, is to take a tour of art galleries and exhibitions and identify the genres we like and the artists we would like to exhibit at home and start from there to make an appropriate choice.
In contemporary design , prints are also precious elements to decorate walls and give a well-defined and defined personality to a home.
If you want to orient yourself towards this option, the ideal is to turn to the various artistic printing works that are scattered throughout Italy where highly skilled artisans create unique works or in limited edition, really perfect to talk about us and tell who we are.
Alternatively, an excellent pastime is to go to flea markets and antique fairs and choose the antique prints that best suit the furnishings of our home.
The extra idea Choosing a well-lit wall and covering it with well-assorted frames of prints, paintings and photos, of the most diverse sizes, arranged in an apparently random order: the effect is guaranteed. Decorating the smallest rooms: bathroom and kitchen You can decorate the walls of the bathroom and kitchen with equal care and equally interesting results than the rest of the house.
In fact, even in these rooms it is important to feel at ease and welcomed in an environment tailored to us.
For decorating the walls of the kitchen is ideal and be inspired by the use of the room itself . A good idea, for example, is to decorate the walls with many shallow shelves on which to place design jars to contain spices and various ingredients, or to use to create a real vertical vegetable garden on which to grow all the aromatic herbs that we like to have them available.
If you prefer more classic solutions, you can decorate the walls of the kitchen with paintings inspired by recipes or characteristic ingredients or antique prints of famous historical brands.
Also decorate the bathroom wallsand fun, just let yourself be inspired by creativity and create something truly unique.
Still for vintage lovers, for example, it will be a pleasure to decorate the bathroom walls with old-fashioned images of perfume brands or paintings that portray sinuous figures in the act of taking care of themselves with cosmetics and creams. Shelves can also be a good idea for decorating bathroom walls , especially if you have collections of perfumes or precious bathroom items.

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