The studio is an important corner for many professionals who work independently. The environment must always be cared for, welcoming and comfortable but it must also have character and personality. One way to immediately give a touch of style to the studio is to avoid cheap furnishings and opt for unique creations. The fact of setting up your own studio on your own certainly makes the bond with the environment stronger and allows you to better appreciate the workspaces. You don’t need to spend too much to create a cozy studio, it is possible to recycle furnishing accessories used as shop shelves, pallets and wooden shelves but also counters or other pieces from shops and commercial activities. With a personal touch it will be possible to make your studio a truly original place. Books and volumes always in order with shop shelves
It seems strange but shop shelves, bar shelves or shop counters can become excellent allies to furnish a study with style. The shop shelvesin fact, they can be introduced in a simple way and with a natural effect to preserve and display books, volumes and other material useful for work. Recycled shelves can also be very useful for placing volumes and tomes. The arrangement, colors and style will then depend on your tastes and your imagination. Create a furniture that is consistent with the walls, surfaces and other materials used without forgetting the right curtains and lights.
The Basic
desk is better
Near the shop shelves it is important to position the desk, the most important part of the study. Each worker spends several hours at the desk on average, for this reason it is important to pay particular attention to this area which must be comfortable and encourage concentration. There are several models of desks on the market, some of which are quite expensive. Creating a desk yourself is a great way to save. Build it in a simple way with four wooden boxes, inside which you can store what you need, and a large and sturdy board. With very few pieces you will be able to create a desk at no cost. Above the desk, keep only a few items, the ones you need to work. Hang store shelves above your deskwhere to keep other useful materials. Place the desk near the main light sources, it will serve to work better. A corner for relaxation
In every studio you cannot miss a corner dedicated to relaxation, a small space where you can relax and unplug. It should not be an area that leads to distraction but a small corner to take a break. To make it comfortable, create a sofa with pallets: above the pallets, place two large cushions and you will have an essential but very useful sofa. This area must be away from the desk but can also be close to the shop shelvesand from the shelves it can also become an area for reading and leisure. Next to the sofa, place a coffee table always made from recycled materials to be able to drink a coffee or place a lamp. The possibilities are endless, just experiment!

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