T-shirts, shirts and tops. Skirts, pants and leggings. Long dresses and short dresses, day jackets and evening jackets, colored coats and black coats, overcoats for spring, overcoats for the storm. There are items of clothing that still have the label, but we don’t even remember when we bought them anymore: what are they doing there at the end of the day now forgotten
The wardrobe is in trouble. Every corner is full of things and we can hardly close it anymore. It’s time to find out how to declutter clothing and everything that has long been buried in the wardrobe. Find out where to start and a few tricks for deciding what to keep and what to give away. In the article we explain the meaning of “decluttering” and give many tips to rearrange the. Meaning of “decluttering”: let’s do order in English
First of all we need to ask ourselves what is the meaning ofdecluttering”, A word with an apparently Anglo-Saxon sound, a bit scratchy, a bit guttural. It is, in fact, an English term, a present participle of the verb “declutter”, translated into Italian as “to put in order”, “to rearrange”, “to make order”. Today the meaning of “decluttering” is known by an increasing number of people, thanks to the spread of English. It is used in the most disparate contexts: from the situation of an apartment full of objects and in disorder to the particular case of an overflowing desk or a wardrobe that is about to explode. In our article, we focus on the latter possibility: the wardrobe, which does not really want to know about the compression of the material. Italian decluttering: do a good clean up
Before following the paths of the reorganization of the storage compartments for clothes and linen, let’s answer another question: Italian decluttering as it sounds
In short, decluttering with us as it does
It perhaps remembers grandma’s jokes and has a taste of family serenity: ” to clean up ”really means“ to put in order ”. The word “repulisti” comes almost as it is from Latin, from the perfect verb “repellĕre”, that is “to reject”. So, inside there is a playful nuance that comes from the idea of ​​making a clean sweep in one place, somewhere in the house. After having done a good cleaning, the wardrobe, the living room, the bookcase or the kitchen will finally be a free space, ready to be used again.Cabinet decluttering : where there is nothing left…
We have already said that in this article we focus on cabinet decluttering . So let’s get to the point, or rather, the pressure that grows out of all proportion between a coat and a jacket in the row of shirts and dresses. Let’s go to the bloom of the shirt pile, and the explosion of the laundry drawer. It happens like this. Strangely one day the furniture is all full, and there is no way to fit even an extra handkerchief. What to do
It’s time to declutter the wardrobe, that is to clean up the clothes, to understand what to keep and what to throw away . When to do a cabinet cleaning
When it is appropriate to do a thorough cabinet cleaning
When it takes a radical decluttering of clothing that ferments in furniture as if it were pure yeast
For some people the meaning of decluttering is “emergency”. As long as the fatness of the wardrobes does not threaten the coexistence between the inhabitants of the house and objects, it is good to do nothing. Other people prefer periodicity. This second method may prove to be more effective in avoiding excessive closet crowding peaks in the long run. In fact, an emergency decluttering is more demanding than a programmed decluttering. When to plan the reorganization of the wardrobes
A good way to not miss the appointment with the cleaners and take advantage of the change of seasonand the need to adapt the wardrobe to the temperatures. When we move the sweaters from the boxes at the top of the wardrobe to the low shelves, we can put aside the ones we no longer wear. Some we notice that they are ruined, felted or with holes in them, and we decide to send them decisively to the dustbin. Others, on the other hand, are ready for a new life: they are still in good condition and can be donated. The same goes for every piece of clothing. The daily or weekly cleaning Take
advantage of the change of season for the decluttering of the wardrobeand a good idea, but it implies our availability for a few hours of boredom. Choosing which items of clothing to throw away, give away or still keep with us is not an activity that usually arouses enthusiasm. Therefore, to minimize such sessions, a valid approach is to tidy up a few minutes a day or half an hour only on weekends. For ten minutes we can resist, in the silent circle of the forgotten T-shirts in the drawers and the little dress left at the bottom that has now shrunk. But how to tidy up the wardrobe a little at a time
You need to focus on a few items every day. For example, you can decide to choose three at each daily cleanup, to throw away or give away. Where to start in decluttering: there is no two without one
The increasingly pot-bellied wardrobe disturbs us. We have to intervene, but we don’t know how. So, let’s answer the question that arises spontaneously: where to start decluttering
As often happens, activities must be planned, especially those that are not very pleasant. Even in the case of the decluttering of clothing, linen and all the objects contained in the wardrobe, a goal must be set. Here is the starting point: the clear idea of ​​the goal to be achieved. The ideal destination is to get rid of all the clothing and objects that we no longer use. Decluttering dilemma: clothing to keep or throw away
To define the objective in a precise way, we take four boxes, each corresponding to a different destination of the selected objects:

  • a box is dedicated to the decluttering of the clothing to be thrown away , because it is definitively ruined and irrecoverable;
  • a container collects shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats and jackets that can be donated;
  • then there is the container for everything that needs to be repaired;
  • finally, let’s allow ourselves a box of uncertainty, for the things we still don’t know whether to keep or not.

So it looks easy. It is finally clear to us that we need to start decluttering and how to do it. But we are proceeding without dealing with the steepest slope of the mountain: how to decide
How to establish that an object must actually leave our house and another can stay there What to throw away
In the operation of tidying up the wardrobe , the selection of clothes and of the objects to eliminate is the hardest part. In some cases, the answer to the question “what to throw away
” is sure: a broken suit inevitably goes to the trash if it can’t be repaired. But other times the matter is ambiguous. To decide what to throw away, you can ask yourself a simple question about each object taken into consideration: would I buy it back
If the answer is no, we decide to donate it. What to keep
If to the question “I would buy it back
” we answer “yes”, the item of clothing we are evaluating for decluttering may perhaps be kept. We still fit it
And still in good condition We
participate in events for which that piece of clothing is really suitable
If we always answer “yes”, we can safely put it back in the closet: his time will come. Tidying up the wardrobe: the selection of clothes
There is a trick to tidy up the wardrobe and make the selection of clothes to keep and throw awayeffectively. Hang or store clothing upside down. When you use them, hang them up, or put them away again, turn them to the right side: after a month, at a glance, you see what you really wore and what you didn’t.

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