The Government has already received the new requests made by the Autonomous Communities to advance in the phases of the de-escalation plan next week. The Ministry of Health will now proceed to analyze them and will pronounce itself this Friday.Most of the territories request the change of stage. The entire Valencian Community and three provinces of Castilla-La Mancha do not claim changes. The requests draw the following map:
This is what they have requested in detail:

The Government of Juanma Moreno has requested the “unified” progress of all the provinces, including Granada and Malaga, which have only been in Phase 1 for a week and in theory would have to wait until June 1 to progress. He demands mobility between the eight territories despite the fact that this is only allowed in Phase 3.


asks for the advancement of the entire territory to Phase 2, although there are doubts about Zaragoza. If the parameters of the capital do not meet the requirements, I would accept the advance at two speeds.


Your Government claims to move completely to Phase 2, although with added measures, such as lifting the suspension of administrative deadlines or making the hours and distances for walks more flexible. He also wants to modify the capacity in the hospitality industry.

The Balearic Executive demands that the entire territory join Formentera in Phase 2. It asks for free movement between the islands.


The Government of Cantabria has asked to go to phase 2. It requests other measures, such as no capacity limitations in hotels and shops in towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants. For markets and tourist accommodation, 100% occupancy is requested in small municipalities, two-thirds in medium-sized ones and one-third in large ones.

Castilla-La Mancha

Requests progress to Phase 2 of Cuenca and Guadalajara, which would already have been in the initial stage for two weeks. For the rest, Ciudad Real, Albacete and Toledo, does not claim any change.

Castilla y Leon

asks that its entire territory go to Phase 1


The Catalan Executive proposes that Barcelona and its metropolitan area access Phase 1. On the other hand, it asks that Campo de Tarragona, Tierras del Ebro (Tarragona) and Alto Pireno y Aran (Lerida and part of Gerona) progress to Phase 2


Claims passage to Phase 2 of the provinces of Caceres and Badajoz . This Community wants to eliminate the time slots, although there would be a section for people over 70 years of age.


The Government of Nunez Feijoo has requested the passage of all provinces to Phase 2, but also requests free movement between provinces.

Canary Islands

As in the Balearic Islands, it demands the passage of the entire territory to Phase 2, together with the islands of El Hierro, La Gomera and La Graciosa, which are already in that stage.


Ask to go to Phase 2.

Community of Madrid

Expect to go to Phase 1 this coming Monday. Likewise, the Government of Diaz Ayuso intends an accelerated advance to stage 2 without waiting for two weeks, for which they demanded a change of stage on June 1.

Region of Murcia

The Murcian Government has requested the passage to phase 2. The town of Totana, which registered a regrowth last week, has been left out of the proposal.


asks to go to Phase 2, but has asked that the measures in the educational sector, in air transport or on the border with Morocco not be relaxed. On the other hand, if you request that the de-escalation in maritime traffic with the peninsula be accelerated and that the tour schedules be made more flexible.

It also proposes advancing to Phase 2. The

Basque Country

asks Health to pass to Phase 2. It asks that bars and restaurants allow a capacity of 50% inside and that there is mobility between provinces.

La Rioja

The Community requests the pass to Phase 2.

Valencian Community

It will remain in Phase 1 out of prudence.

Current situation in Spain
In this third week of de-escalation, 70% of the Spanish population, some 32 million inhabitants, is in Phase 1 of the lack of confidence plan after the last update made by Health. The entire Community of Madrid, the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and many territories of Castilla y Leon are left behind, which still have not progressed to the initial stage, although some conditions are alleviated. The islands of El Hierro, La Gomera, La Graciosa and Formentera are already enjoying Phase 2, ahead of the rest of the country.
The map is configured as follows:

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