Alessio Cerci while the colchoneros face Barcelona and walking around Madrid with his wife, the same one who…
In 2014, after two incredible years at Turin, he was bought by Atletico Madrid . His wife Federica Riccardi post: “Greetings Serie A we are going to the football that counts.”

Domenica Cerci instead of on the pitch (Atletico passed in the final 2 a1 by Barca) was with the beautiful Federica and her little son Leonardo on a walk in the center of the Spanish capital , launching through his Instagram profile, like a vintage fashion blogger, a wheelchair for vip.

An italians ready to explode into an international limelight, which instead imploded with only 6 appearances and 1 goal upon his arrival in Iberian soil in 2014. Also in this case with a yellow social: the winger in fact, during the summer , let slip a tweet that heralded his passage to the Spanish champions at the time:
“Agreement reached with Atletico. I thank Turin and its fans “.
The next day he portrayed: “I was playing on the Playstation, someone went on Twitter and wrote a fake thing. I didn’t write that tweet ”.
15 days later I sign a three-year contract with Atletico.
The presentation with great fanfare In January (2015) the return to the much mistreated Italy, to Milan. But he does not affect the Rossoneri. He also loses the national team. In May 2016, after the defeat against Bologna and the many criticisms (combined with insults) he closed his Facebook and Twitter accounts, making Instagram private.
In January (2016) the move to Genoa , where with 11 appearances and 4 goals he manages to give some signs of recovery.
But he is still on loan from Atletico , and with an important signing. It is probably his biggest obstacle, in addition to a knee injury that affects his move to Bologna: he does not pass medical examinations.

2.7 million euros per season
He returns to Madrid, heals himself, recovers, but does not play. Never. Only one brief appearance in the King’s Cup in December (first round): him half an hour against Guijuelo. He doesn’t appear on Cholo Simeone’s radar, not even this time.
Cerci appears in the squad on the colchoneros website; was added a week after the end of the transfer market: only one case
In January (2017) Bologna, then Lazio, and also Granada come forward; nothing, Cerci earns too much despite the willingness to reduce the salary.
In the meantime it reappears in social networks. He goes for a walk with his wife and son. And at the Vicente Calderon he doesn’t even set foot on it anymore. Neither on the pitch nor in the stands.

What a sad story!

This is the story of a hidden talent, a footballer who at the age of 20 decided, unable to break through in his own country, to leave his comfort zone to look elsewhere for his America, becoming a citizen of the world. This is the story of Stefano Napoleoni.
Romano di Tor di Quinto, born in 1986 , Stefano has walked the football fields in the province of Rome since childhood, nurturing his innate passion for football, always wearing the jersey number of someone who, during a game, knows he must always determine with quality and imagination: the number 10 .
At 19 , Napoleoni is the star of the Juniores team of the Tor di Quinto . With Francesco Morga, another talent that never really blossomed, forms a formidable attacking duo that drives the opposing defenses mad with goals until the Lazio team conquers the Junior National Scudetto in 2005/2006.
A talent, that of Stefano, who had never been noticed by professional teams of the Belpaese and who risked being trapped between the tight shirts of the defenders in the dusty fields of the Lazio promotion .
In these cases, to get out of anonymity you need a spark, a fuse that makes talent explode in the right direction. This fuse, in Stefano’s case, does not light a carneade: it is lit by Zbigniew Boniek , for all “Zibi”.
Boniek at the time of RomaHe sees him playing and is thunderstruck . A chat with him after the game and the classic offer that cannot be refused.
Napoleoni leaves the Tor di Quinto with a one-way ticket from Italy and his Rome, heading to Poland, Lodz , the city of Widzew. In his little one, a record: he is the first Italian footballer to sign for a Polish team. A choice of gut, that of Stefano, who sees the opportunity to come out of oblivion and decides to grab it on the fly.

Welcome to Lodz
It is summer 2006, the whole Italian world celebrates the Azzurri’s victory in Berlin but for Napoleoni the period is not the easiest, the settling into the cold Polish environment is not immediate, the integration with the teammates harder than expected.
Widzew If Napoleoni is upset, however, he does not show it on the field. League debut against Gornik Leczna: goal . Second in the league against the quoted Lech Poznan: goal . It seems that Boniek’s intuition was brilliant: the talent and speed of touch of the 20-year-old from Lazio make the difference in a football made of physicality and staid rhythms like that of Ekstraklasa.
After a crackling start, the season ends well: 5 goals in the first year as a professional for Stefano and 12th place finish for Widzew, just promoted from the cadet series.

The Polish B
The 2007/2008 season is not so peaceful. The team is in dire straits and the 7 goals scored by Napoleoni in 27 games are not enough for Widzew to remain in the Olympus of Polish football.
Lodz falls into the abyss of Serie B and, thanks to the change of ownership, with a president voted to a team of only Poles, there is no more room for Napoleoni.

From Poland to Greece
But the world is big for those who have no borders and in January 2009, Leviadakos , a Greek Serie A team with a clear goal of salvation, hires him after an audition. In Boeotia, Stefano is not a regular player but gives his contribution with 4 goals in 8 games and the team is saved comfortably. All in all, a success.
Even in Greece, however, the second year is a more difficult obstacle to overcome: Napoleoni, rarely the owner, guarantees his contribution as always with 7 goals in 17 appearances but his nest egg is not enough to save the team from a bitter relegation. in the hell of Beta Ethniki.

The Greek B
The Greek Serie B is the league that every quality footballer would like to avoid. Exasperated tactics , little space for individual initiative and contrasts with the penal code. Despite this, the Italian center forward manages to determine and, after a season as a starter, with 8 goals in 35 appearances, brings the team back to the top flight.
The following year is one of the most beautiful in the history of the Boeotian team, which touches the play-off area to qualify for the Europa League. Napoleoni carves out an important space, which consecrates him in the Olympus of the best strikers in the Greek championship: 8 goals scored in 19 appearances , of which a dozen as starters.

Napoleoni and that flirtation with the Italians
And here, finally, in January 2013 also the spotlight of Italian footballlight up on Napoleoni: first Siena, in Serie A, then Modena and Novara in B would like to make sure but have not reckoned with the free spirit of the Roman who does not give in to the lure of home football, with the risk of being a mere supporting actor, and decides to sign with another Greek team, certainly “smaller” and perhaps less stimulating, but where it can be more decisive: Atromitos . Balance sheet with Leviadakos
95 appearances, 28 goals . Not bad.

The Atromitos
Best goal of the Greek Super League 2014With the white and blue shirt of the Peristeri standard bearers, the center-forward plays for the place with his usual determination and manages to contribute with his goals, 13 in the 2014/2015 season, to two qualifiers at the Europa League (in 2013/2014 and in 2014/2015).
But after 3 years full of satisfaction, the time has come for a change. On the other hand, Napoleoni is a nomad , a citizen of the world and his desire to know new realities prevails in this case too.

Stefano Napoleoni’s card After 81 appearances and 24 goals , he left Greece in January 2016 and went to Istanbul, at Basaksehir . Postponing the return home once again.

But Stefano Napoleoni will never be a protagonist in Italy Good question.
The Capitoline talent and the Italian championship seem to be two parallel lines that never cross. Theirs is a love story that never blossomed, a marriage that never took place but it would be nice to materialize.
But you know, nemo propheta at home and the story of the bomber with the suitcase does not seem to be lacking.
Michele De Martin

Massimo Barbolini and the creator of the miracle Pomi Casalmaggiore, the team that won the 2016 women’s volleyball Champions League, as a freshman and against the odds.
The Champions League won with Casalmaggiore The 51-year-old coach from Modena has always been tempting foreign teams, even as a coach for the Italian national team (two Europeans and two World Cups).
His love for Turkey has been reciprocated on several occasions: he leads Galatasaray from 2012 to 2015 and then the Turkish national team from 2013 to 2015.

Summer 2016
Barbolini’s presentation in IstanbulA flash negotiation brings him back to Istanbul. He calls it the Eczacibasi, top-team with stellar players (among others, Tuttijenovic, Boskovic, Kosheleva) where he immediately wins the world club championship by defeating Casalmaggiore in the final tie-break, fatality.
Selfie for the club world championship In the Gazzetta dello Sport in June 2016 he declared: “I’m going back to Turkey to have fun”.

He who knows if he would repeat those same enthusiastic words today.
What happened in the last year in Turkey must have at least affected his state of mind.

The massacres
There have been 8 massacres in the last 12 months; a chain of blood and terror, not to mention the attempted military coup in July to overthrow President Erdogan.
The attack on Ataturk airport

February 17, 2016
Car bomb in downtown Ankara: 28 dead and 60 injured.

March 13, 2016
Another car bomb in Ankara: 38 dead.

June 28, 2016
Isis attack at Istanbul airport: 42 dead.

30 July 2016
Kurdish militiamen attack a Turkish army base: 43 dead.

20 August 2016
A suicide bomber blows himself up at a wedding in Gaziantep: 51 dead.

10 December 2016
Double attack outside the Besiktas football stadium: 44 dead.

20 December 2016
The Russian ambassador is shot dead on live television by a policeman who wants to avenge the dead in Aleppo.

2 January 2017
Shortly after midnight in a famous nightclub, the Reina, one or more gunmen kill 39 people and injure at least 70. Attack claimed by ISIS.
These are the words of the technician, after the last of the series of attacks.
“The moment is complicated, so it is normal for it to cause some concern. I think and hope that the situation is under control. These attacks are happening a little all over the world, here it is certainly happening a little too often. Il Reina is a very famous place, one of the most frequented by tourists, so I think it was an attack aimed mainly at foreign people ”declares Barbolini to Modena Radio City.
“It is clear that it would be better if there was the tranquility of Modena. But from here to think of leaving Istanbul passes. I hope that controls will increase and that the situation can improve, even if I recognize that it is very difficult “.
A story of Italians wearing a helmet, in a powder keg that has very little to do with the values ​​of sport, affecting real professionals like Barbolini, who decide to return home only in very extreme cases.
The hope is that Modenese tranquility will finally reign in Istanbul, and that we can talk about Barbolini again for his victories on the pitch, the ones he has always achieved with unquestionable class.
Davide Ferracin

You know those who work behind the scenes
Here, we will take the case of someone who has always taken charge of the complete management of the backstage of football teams. One of those who do not end up on the cover shortly, but do the work of more people put together .

Andrea Butti will tell you nothing as a name: he is not one of those managers on the crest of the wave. Parsley of the trade.
Maybe you have seen it reflected in some photos or videos.
In the curriculum he has an engraving that will remain engraved for life and is called triplet .
Because if in 2010 there were heroes in training, perhaps the same can be said for the managers of the great Inter 2.0 branded Mourinho. Butti was the team manager of a team that went all in and won it all.
For him then there were the experiences abroad, and for this reason Andrea Buttifits perfectly in the italians category, because as is normal for a manager (outside Italy), with the advancement of his career, the positions and responsibilities have increased, in France and England.
Zenga and Butti with the Wolves Batth captain, after the renewal until 2020 Let’s start with the description of the role. The team manager is basically the intermediary between the team and the club, the person in charge of the logistics, therefore of the trips and the movements, the man who also relates to the referees.

3 reasons to consider him a good team manager:

1. jose ‘mourinho
The coachless manageable than the planet: let’s put ourselves in his shoes, there by his side, ready to make a substitution, with Mou showing the handcuffs to the whole world.

2. Mario Balotelli
The least manageable player on the planet. Imagine losing his head, and it happened often, as in the first leg of the 2010 Champions League; Mario throws the shirt on the ground, with a dressing room, and a people, ready to attack him.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
The years of management Ibra, a cyclone, the man with an easy stomach ache, pills like: “I don’t need the Golden Ball to know I’m the best in the world”.

Andrea Butti at the Monte Carlo stadium, the Louis II stadium After 12 years of Inter (first as a press officer, then as a team manager) he went to France, to Monaco , where he remained for 3 seasons. Very attached and respected in UEFA (I work on the staff of the 2007 U21 European Championships and the 2008 European Championships in Switzerland), and responsible for organizing the club.
22 April 2015, the 0-0 gives Juve the semifinal after 12 years Work with Mr. Ranieri. On a sporting level, the team fights great behind the PSG . He does not win (Falcao, James Rodriguez, Abidal, Kondogbia are removed in dribs and drabs) but he is always there: second in 2014, third in 2015 and 2016. In the Champions League in 2015 he reaches the quarterfinals with Juve.

And then comes summer 2016, with the chance to followWalter Zenga at Wolves, in the English Championship, a team in the middle of an ownership change. Role: general manager . Not bad.
Things do not go as we hope, the team, set up for the leap into the Premier League, has a negative row of 1 equal and 4 defeats and Zenga is sacked and after just over 3 months, at the end of October, Butti also packs his bags. He is considered part of the former “Spider-Man” staff, or at least the British tabloids opt for this version.

And now
such a manager can satisfy the appetite of many clubs, so much so that Butti, with the exemption of Frank De Boer, was put on the train (it will be true
) that would have brought Guus Hiddinkon the Inter bench. He didn’t do anything about it.
What then: we are sure he wants to return to Italy . Especially in the management field, it is rare to see returning horses, but you never know.
Davide Ferracin

Finding the perfect environment without going too far. That she is beautiful, there is no doubt, that she is not a GREAT volleyball player either.

Veronica Angeloni has toured many companies, especially in Italy; in 2015 she had the opportunity to go and play in France: a competitive championship where Cannes reigned until 2016.
The port of Saint RaphaelYou ended up in Saint Rapahel, a town of just over 40 thousand inhabitants, a few kilometers from the undisputed queen city of transalpine women’s volleyball, in fact Cannes, dominator of the championship for 18 years.

There is more Italy in Saint Rapahel than in many Italian Serie A clubs.
Coach Giulio BregoliA real Italian colony is established in Saint Raphael; from coach Giulio Bregoli, to colleagues Letizia Camera, Irene Gomiero and Sara Menghi. And the volleyball school of the beautiful country, you know, has that little bit more. Massa’s beautiful spiker can only be Bregoli’s ace in the hole.

But as in many sports stories there is a dark and sad chapter: just a few months after her arrival, in October, her knee breaks(breaking of the crusader). A bad fall during a simple friendly against Le Cannet: it’s pitch black.
“Sport teaches you never to give up …” he said on social media. And so it was. After the operation, the rehabilitation, the sacrifices, the immense desire to return. He remains out all season until the playoffs, when shortly before the 2016 Scudetto final he is there again available to fight for the title.

Volleyball yes, but also and above all gossip and gossip. Angeloni has been much more talked about in the pink websites and weeklies than in the “rosy” Gazzetta.
True or alleged, it is the flirtations that have made her famous. Her life off the pitch. Not at all unruly, because Veronica is a fighter, a great professional. The aura of the “angelic” goddess broke the hearts of many sportsmen.
The latest flirtation with rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni Christian Vieri , Mario Balotelli , Mario Alberto Santana , Pippo Pozzato , Martin Castrogiovanni , Stefano Mancinelli , Aldo Montano , Danilo Gallinari: let it all be true
The apex of popularity (to most) arrived in 2014 when she took the stage of the Sanremo festival alongside Fabio Fazio.
Fabio Fazio, Veronica, and Luciana Littizzetto

At the end of the regular season Saint Raphael is seventh. Then she returns to the playoffs and the team goes to the final. Veronica does not play because she is not yet at the top but she is as always the goddess (blindfolded). In Paris at the Pierre De Coubertin stadium the last act is played against Cannes in a straight match. And the amazing final ride is completed with a title that is deserved as well as unexpected.
Veronica in the foreground together with her companions after the Scudetto It is the victory of the group and of determination, and in October, upon her return, the French Super Cup also arrives where Veronica can finally be the protagonist on the field. Cannes is dethroned 3-0.
And now another starring season awaits her. The questions arise spontaneously:

-> Will he be able to regain a place in the Azzurri national team

-> What will be the next flirt

? Don’t call him ” atomic ant “, by now no one with this nickname knows him anymore. In the newspapers and on the streets of Canada and “the atomic ant”, even if translating, the meaning remains the same. Sebastian Giovinco
‘s life hasn’t changed that much . Only one thing has changed. Everything .
In January 2015 at Juventus they whistled him. He plays little. Allegri does not see him.
In December 2016 he was bomber and leader of Toronto Fc, a team that on the night between 10 and 11 December will play for the MLS title in the playoff final against theSeattle Sounders .
Giovinco’s exultation with the “scooter” An event of historic significance: for the first time a Canadian franchise will play an MLS final.

Finding America, in Canada
Giovinco is the first protagonist of our Italians column , dedicated to Italian sportsmen around the world.
Early 2015. It happens that his agent, Andrea D’Amico, talks to the top management of the MLS, the top league in the United States and Canada, a league in full growth, now in the third phase of its development .
“First they focused on myths at the end of their career, then they called American players back to their homeland, now they need ‘image men’, great European players” explains D’Amico himself in an interview with Libero. “Toronto comes to mind, a city with a million Italians, I call my contacts, we talk, there is no need to negotiate: they are enthusiastic immediately”.
Full stadiums, skyrocketing enthusiasm, a business model that seems to work (in 2017, two new franchises, Atlanta and Minnesota United, will enter); this is the current state of health of overseas football: perky.
BMO Field, the stadium of Toronto FCE, the welcome is king: there are a thousand waiting for him at the airport looking for selfies and autographs. And if the goals and the good game also arrive, his America Giovinco can say that he has found it for real.


34 appearances, 22 goals -> MVP of the MLS

33 appearances, 21 goals -> Top-11 of the MLS

The atomic ant is not doing badly even economically. Behind Kaka is the second highest paid player in the entire MLS, where a salary cap is also provided. Giovinco is one of the so-called designated players and can break through the roof, earning more than the likes of Gerrard, Lampard and Pirlo (source: His contract – highly armored (with bonus) – expires in 2019.

  1. Ricardo Kaka (Orlando City) – 7.167.500 $
  2. Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto Fc) – 7.115.555 $
  3. Michael Bradley (Toronto FC) – 6.500.000 $

He is the second highest paid Italian footballer in the world behind Pelle (Shandong Lunen, China) who travels at 15 million a season: not bad for a Serie A

. of the palm of best player of the MLS , in 2016 the team results arrive, so much so that Toronto hits the Eastern Conference final and beats Didier Drogba’s Montreal Impact, qualifying to the last act.
Here are some of @TheTorontoSun fronts so far during TFC’s playoff run. #TFCLive #MLSCup
– Kurtis Larson (@KurtLarSUN) December 3, 2016
On a personal level, the satisfactions have been raised all: best rookie in the MLS, top scorer in 2015, best assist-man, goal of the year, in addition to the already mentioned MVP title (this year won by David Villa of New York).
Juventus also seems not to have forgotten a man from Turin who grew up in his cantera.
Congratulations to Sebastian #Giovinco and @torontofc for accessing the @MLS final!
Come on Seba!
– JuventusFC (@juventusfc) December 1, 2016

An apartment near the center, half an hour from the training ground (the fabulous Kia Training Ground), in one of the skyscrapers that distinguish downtown, where he lives with his original wife Argentine Shari and her two-and-a-half-year-old sonJacopo . His life is a major of Toronto.
In Toronto there is also the ice cream dedicated to Giovinco and his companions #forzatoronto
: Chris Iannuzzi
– Toronto FC – Italy (@TorontoFCItalia) November 25, 2016
Giovinco, the mayor, idolized by the very large Italian community, with a English which, although not yet fluent, is gradually improving.
But what matters, it is full of Italians, no
Toronto and tricolor : there is an Italian-Canadian national congress, an Italian chamber of commerce, there is also an Italian TV (Telelatino).
Giovinco “drives the fans crazy” Free time
Sebastian has been spotted several times at the Air Canada Center, a stratospheric arena with 20,000 seats in the city center, including concerts, Raptors (NBA) and Mafle Leafs (NHL) matches; and there too the welcome is always the same: as a star.
Atlanta Hawks-Toronto Raptors: ovation for Sebastian Giovinco

“Inebriated” by sebastian
From the day following the qualification of the Reds in the final, the 33 thousand seats at BMO Field are already sold out. The ” Inebriatti “, the hottest group of Toronto Fc fans, will support the atomic ant and his teammates .
They are inspired by the European ultras, are twinned with the Genoa curve, and are in effect an organized supporter.
The Inebriatti live the team viscerally, they support it in the stands with drums and choirs (perhaps taken from old Italian songs), singing for example “It happened without warning”. You know “A day suddenly”

Saturday night (at 2 Italian live on Eurosport) there will be the final with Seattle, in a dry race, with an expected temperature of -5 ° that only the atomic ant will be able to heat. It takes the last effort.
Davide Ferracin

There are many, and almost always proudly carry the label of “Italian” sportsmen abroad.
Attention to them diminishes a little and perhaps too often they are forgotten.
But wherever they go, whether in distant Australia or in neighboring France, they are respected, adored, and export that something that is also a little bit of all of us .

They are the italians , our Italians in the world. inaugurates this column to turn on or rekindle the spotlight on them, to comment on their successes or failures, to talk freely about Italian sportsmen abroad .
Davide Ferracin

Strafavorita Italy in the odds in view of tonight’s match valid for the world qualifiers
It seems almost impossible that Macedonia will be able to make the coup: after all, they have only won two official matches in the last two years.
The odds say that Italy, given at 1.26 , can guarantee an easy win, unlike the hosts.

Over (2.5) to 2.03 : it is therefore easy for the match to give goals and a show. Macedonia in attack has its strongest players, Pandev and Nestorovkj.
According to the bookmakers, the most probable result could be 0-2 , given at 4.25 as the exact result: the award-winning firm Belotti-Immobile is sharpening its weapons

Read the latest on Macedonia-Italy >>

Beat Russia 5 to 4 in an incredible final
Serie A is about to embrace 5 Argentine world champions , ready to give prestige to the regular season, which is now close to the start.
Another Diego, the one who grew up on the banks of Coverciano, completes his masterpiece at the first experience as a coach of a Seleccion. Which exceeds Russia 5-4 and consecrates itself to history.


Eder Lima breaks the balance, but Albiceleste equalized 26 ”later, with a tap in by Alamiro Vaporaki, closing ahead 2-1 at half-time, thanks to a free throw from Cuzzo.
Three goals in the first 2’33 ”of the second half. Eder Lima repeats himself. Argentina still reacts like a big one: Brandi makes one after the other. The “garra” of a team in the image and likeness of Giustozzi takes care of the rest. The Albiceleste at 8’40 ”from the end runs out of the foul bonus, holds up to the Russian 5 vs 4, drawing the 5-2 with Kiki Vaporaki.
The vice-champions of Europe play until the end. Lyskov and again Eder Lima sign the goals that reopen the match at 19 ”. There is no more time. Russia loses its fourth straight final between the World Cup and the European Championship.

Argentina is champion for the first time.


Giustozzi has become a technician in Coverciano.

Borruto won everything in Italy, complete with Uefa Futsal with Montesilvano and in Colombia he reached Sanchez, Pichichi of Argentina at the World Cup.

Taborda took part in a crazy world championship event.

Cuzzolino eliminated Ukraine and extended Portugal and Russia.

Battistoni answered always present and Alan Brandi – encore in the final – will play with Acqua & Sapone.
Let’s add that Wilhelm , 2016 Golden Ball, is one of the sons of the beautiful country.

Yes, call it ItalArgentina.

Russia-Argentina, one of the two will raise the World Cup
The first time is never forgotten. At the Coliseo in Cali, the world of world futsal celebrates a different world champion, not Brazilian, not even Spanish.

Tonight from 9.15 pm on Eurosport (Sky and Mediaset Premium package).
It is the unprecedented final between Russia and Argentina (photo: Skorovich against a coach born on the banks of Coverciano, an old acquaintance of 5-a-side football in Italy: Diego Giustozzi.

For the South American press, Russia is favored, but they said the same thing for Portugal against Argentina.
The Seleccion of the 5 Italian Serie A, Cuzzolino , Borruto , Battistoni , Taborda and Brandi , eight considering Stazzone, Rescia and Wilhelm, on the other hand, testifies to a positive side of the Belpaese product.
Who will also have lost badly and closed a cycle by falling with the modest Egypt, but which in any case will even have a coach on the bench, who took the license at Menichelli’s lesson.
Argentina is very strong, but they will play evenly against a real Russian Army.

The vice-champions of Europe, in fact, are the only one to have won all the games played, finishing first in the group with Miguel Rodrigo’s Thailand (in Italy with Luparense and Padua) that Egypt punisher of Italy in the second round, and Cuba; liquidating the Vietnam practice, defeating Spain for the first time within 40 ‘and taming the tough Iran in seeds.
They go in search of the settebello (of successes), perhaps with a goal from Eder Lima , ready to enter the top three goalscorers, where there are already Ricardinho and Falcao. Skorovich finds Romulus and is ready to dispel the final taboo.
The more he has, the more he gets: he’ll be a partidazo .

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