It is often talked about in summer, because they can be caused by incorrect or prolonged exposure to the sun. But in reality, facial spots and hyperpigmentation can have different causes, such as skin aging , hormonal and pharmacological factors, stress, the use of photosensitizing products . In short, there are many causes that lead to an accumulation of melanin in some areas, which appears as dark spots . But what can be done to prevent them and, if they are already present, reduce or permanently eliminate them Prevention is better than cure: an absolute truth, even in the case of blemishes on the face
It sounds like a grandmother’s advice, but it is always current: prevention is better than cure . In fact, with the right products and some precautions, it is possible to prevent the onset of these spots or slow down their appearance , for example in the case of advancing age. The first rule is to always use a sunscreen , even in the city, even in winter. In fact, the sun’s rays cause premature aging of the skin and the onset of hyperpigmentation . Today there are light sunscreens on the market , also suitable as a base for make-up and which do not leave white patinas. It goes without saying that their application becomes even more mandatory in the summer, when you are exposed to the sun directly, remembering that you should not do it in the central time slots.
To slow down the skin aging process, it is also important to take care of nutrition , taking foods with antioxidant properties , rich in vitamins and minerals . First of all, fruit and vegetables containing beta-carotene but also vitamins A, C and E.
Source: 123rf Pay attention to skincare: here are the products to choose to improve hyperpigmentation
In the case of spots already present on the skin, there are many products that can help to reduce themor make them disappear. What rewards, however, is consistency : these are treatments to be applied daily or weekly and, over time, the results are visible. The so-called lightening products contain active ingredients that promote cell turnover , gradually eliminating the layers of skin and, consequently, the dark pigmentation.
They contain low percentages of acids that are well tolerated by the skin, without causing irritation and that can also be used at home , without risk. They are often based on glycolic acid , vitamin C ,kojic acid , arbutin , niacinamide and also licorice extract . The only care with these products, almost always creams, serums or exfoliants, apart from first testing the possible sensitivity to certain ingredients, is to strictly remember to apply a sunscreen , because many of these active ingredients are photosensitizers and could even worsen the situation, in the case of exposure to sunlight, causing more spots to appear. In fact, it is recommended to use it during the summer months , from June to mid-September.
Source: 123rfFor deeper and darker spots, it is better to rely on aesthetic treatments
. In the case of very dark or long-standing spots, however, it is possible to remove them thanks to aesthetic medicine treatments , by turning to professionals. First of all the chemical peels , based on exfoliating acids , which renew the skin in depth and have a much higher concentration of active than those to be used at home. They stimulate a deep cell renewal and the doctor can combine other treatments, such as creams, to be applied in the following days to soothe the skin.
Other aesthetic medicine treatments for deeper blemishesand difficult to eradicate then the laser and the pulsed light , also these to be carried out after the consultation with a specialist and to be avoided , as in the case of peelings, during the summer . After this type of treatments, in fact, you cannot expose yourself to direct sun because the skin is sensitized and could become irritated, damaged and new spots could appear.

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