Chocolate is one of the healthiest
foods out there. Yes, the chocolate. And more specifically, dark chocolate : Flavins, magnesium, iron and calcium or vitamins E, B1 and B2 are just some of the beneficial compounds that we can find in this product. Of course, for this, you have to choose a tablet that contains a good percentage of cocoa to enjoy all its benefits. Because the higher the proportion of cocoa, the lower the proportion of sugar , and therefore not all chocolates are the same.
The higher the cocoa content in the chocolate, the more bitter and less sweet the taste , yes. But healthier, too. All the beneficial properties attributed to this food refer, in reality, to those of the cocoa with which it is made, more present in this type of chocolate than in milk chocolate or white chocolate.
Taking all this into account, here is a list of the best brands of dark chocolate at a nutritional level that are marketed in Spain. All of them exceed 70% cocoa , contain little (or no) sugar and have quality raw materials.


This is a vegan chocolate bar, made with the best ingredients: a mixture of fine dark chocolate with 99% pure cocoa that combines a strong aroma and intensely flavored cocoa. The tabletLindt Excellence 99%.


We are talking about a tablet with an exceptional bitterness, thanks to the strength of the tannins and its flavor of raw beans. With 86% cocoa , it is a highly recommended option. Abinao tablet, from Valrhona .


This dark chocolate has 92% cocoa and has no added sugars. Instead, sweeteners such as stevia are used. For the most select palates. Of Value .


It has a delicious flavor, pure cocoa and is only made with three ingredients: cocoa paste, cocoa powder and cocoa butter . It has no added sugars or sweeteners, which is a great plus point. FromSquire , in Mercadona.

Chocolates Eureka

A type of dark chocolate with 85% cocoa is made with Marcona almonds and salt, together with 100% natural cocoa selected in Bocas del Toro, Panama, one of the regions with the longest cocoa tradition in Central America.


Contains 85% cocoa , this tablet is made with the best selection of Trinitarian Cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru. In addition, it is certified as bio and organic .

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