On the occasion of the toast of the end of the year of Article One , broadcast in streaming online , the former Prime Minister, Massimo D’Alema expressed the belief that the party, born only in 2017 from a split from the Democratic Party, is ready to dissolve and return to the PD . The occasion could be the Agora, strongly supported by Enrico Letta: a series of political meetings that the PD is organizing together with Article One, with which it had long ago come closer, moments of confrontation open “to all people who recognize themselves in the Charter of Values, regardless of belonging to the PD or to other political subjects: it is sufficient to register on the platform, donating at least € 1. ”
According to Massimo D’Alema, the time would also be ripe because the PD would be cured of the “terrible disease of Renzismo which healed by itself, but which was there”. The streaming is on December 31st but it becomes news only yesterday (January 2nd).
Replies from the leaders involved in the affair were not long in coming, again via social media. At 15:59 Enrico Letta, current secretary of the Democratic Party, publishes a tweet in which he seems to dislike the reference to the party’s ‘ illness ‘ period: “No illness and therefore no recovery. Only passion “.
A few hours later, exactly at 17:09, Matteo Renzi also does not give up on commenting on the sentences of the leader Maximo (nickname given to D’Alema). The leader ofItalia Viva , the party he founded after leaving the PD, claims the work he did as president of the Democratic Party and criticizes the use of the metaphor with the disease, which would be disrespectful of those who are really sick.
The argument seems to be deeply felt by the public of the network, in fact ‘D’Alema’ is still firmly in the top three positions among the Italian Trends of Twitter and is a ‘currently popular’ topic on Facebook.
It is interesting to note how the two leaders still manage to attract attention even though their respective parties do not enjoy a high electoral consensus: Article One in the last elections of 2018 was presented on the LeU (Liberi e Uguali) list that collectively took just over 3%, and Renzi’s party, Italia Viva, is accredited by the polls on more or less the same values.
The comments of the direct protagonists were also preceded by those of other political figures, such as that of the honorable dem Filippo Sensi , former spokesman for Renzi.
The voices of other members of the PD arrive. Senator Andrea Marcuccihe posted a tweet in which he accused D’Alema of being an “expert” in diseases “having experienced and caused many since the time of the PCI-PDS”. And he adds: “If D’Alema and the ‘firm’ have to return to the Democratic Party, let the militants decide: let’s hold the congress”.
While the topic is very popular on the web, no comments seem to come from Pier Luigi Bersani and Roberto Speranza , also probably due to his institutional role as Minister of Health, who together with Massimo D’Alema were the protagonists of the split from the PD in 2017. L background: young people
In 2012 a young but very popular Matteo Renzi, then mayor of Florence, is a candidate, during a rally in Verona, in the center-left primary as prime minister in the future political elections but is defeated in two rounds by Pier Luigi Bersani.
The left won the subsequent political elections of 2013 by narrow measure, Pier luigi Bersani was appointed by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano to form the new government with the aim of finding trust in Parliament.
Famous streaming from the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of the consultations to form the new government. The protagonist is Bersani who meets the representatives of the 5 Star Movement, then a young and new political force that had quickly climbed positions in the preferences of the Italians, taking 25% of the votes.
On March 28 at a press conference at the Palazzo del Quirinale, Bersani communicated that the mandate had not been successful and puts it back in the hands of the President of the Republic. The task is then entrusted to Enrico Letta , a young man (he too, this is a time for young people) exponent of the PD who manages to form a transversal majority in Parliament.
In the meantime, Matteo Renzi is a candidate for the primaryparty secretariat , on 8 December 2013 he was elected with 67.5% of the votes. Scrapping
Matteo Renzi’s watchword is ‘scrapping’, his intent is to replace and renew the ruling class of a left now unsuitable for new challenges. At a time when, as we have seen, society felt a strong impulse for renewal and required younger figures in command. With the victory of the mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi in the primary of the PD in 2013, D’Alema ends up in the minority together with Pippo Civati , Roberto Speranza , Pier Luigi Bersani and the old guard. Enrico Lettahe is unable to firmly lead the government team, which is very divided between the right and left components.
Renzi reassures the prime minister in office that he does not want to press his position, so much so that during a famous television broadcast he launches the hashtag #Enricostaisereno , which then becomes a meme. However, the growing criticism of the slow pace of economic reforms leaves Letta increasingly isolated, even within the PD. On February 13, 2014 the National Direction of the Democratic Party, at the instigation of the new secretary Renzi, now in rivalry with Letta, broadly votes in favor of Letta’s resignation , to make room for a new executiveled by Renzi himself. The following day, Enrico Letta resigned to the President of the Republic, remaining in office for the handling of current affairs until 22 February. Subsequently, he temporarily leaves politics and moves to Paris to teach at the ‘Grande Ecole Sciences Politiques Paris’ (Institute of Political Studies). The split
In this period the PD is torn by an internal struggle between the winning majority of Renzians and the more left-wing components, always critical of Renzi, his government and his proposal for constitutional reform , which was then rejected by the referendum .in December 2016. In February 2017 Renzi decides to resign as secretary, running for the next primary elections of the PD to be held after about two months. This was not considered sufficient by most of the left-wing components, which required, to ensure greater debate among the various souls of the party, to postpone the primaries, continue to support the new Gentiloni government, rejecting any request for an early vote.
Following these contrasts , many militants in the PD leave the party forming various movements which will then converge, on February 25, 2017 , in Article 1 – Democratic and Progressive Movement.
On 6 and 7 April 2019 theFirst National Congress . Roberto Speranza is elected secretary of the party, which also sees the entry of the ex-minority of Possibile of the former candidate secretary David Tozzo; on the occasion the party sees its statute reformed and is renamed Article One .

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