Just open the social networks to be inundated with this type of makeup: the Cut Crease makeup foresees that the eye makeup is as if “cut” by a clean line positioned slightly above the eyelid , which creates depth and definition to the look. We can consider it a sort of evolution of the iconic 60s makeup , of which Twiggy was the muse, then worn by many other celebrities. Born to make the female gaze of actresses in black and white films more magnetic and intense, today her style is totally different. While in the past a black line was drawn that followed the contours of the crease of the eye, positioning itself a few millimeters above it, and then playing with chiaroscuro,today the Cut Crease becomes more elaborate and refined , enriching itself with complex shades. The technique , so to speak, modern, is mastered in particular by the Drag Queen , who often having a bony conformation with thicker and protruding eyebrows, tend to cover them in order to have more space to create their own scenic makeup. Hence the need to completely redesign the eyebrow arch and, with it, redefine the fold of the eye proportionally by drawing a false one. On social media, however, and boom of Cut Crease of all kinds , made by all the makeup lovers.
We start by applying the transition eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, any color, degrading it upwards and outwards and blending it with other colors for a gradual and not clear effect. With a small, flat , cat’s tongue brush, the concealer is applied to the center of the mobile eyelid, near the crease of the eye. At this point it opens and looks upwards : in this way the corrector will dirty the exact area in which to start the Cut Crease. Now, with the brush, draw a line that continues the mark made with the corrector and that follows the trend of the eyelid fold, bringing it outwards and curving it slightly, as if it were almost an eyeliner. But be careful not to dirty the upper part of the drawn line, the one where the eyeshadow is still visible. At this point you can proceed, always with precision, to apply an eyeshadow below the net detachment that will be created, for example a metallic effect eyeshadow or glitter.
Source: Instagram
This is not the only form of Cut Crease that we can create, with the same technique in fact we can choose to bring the concealer to “cut” the entire shade of eye shadows or to degrade it outwards, focusing only on a portion of the mobile eyelid . We therefore speak of Half Cut Crease, precisely because the clear detachment is usually made from the inner corner of the eye and stops approximately in the middle of the eyelid. It seems very difficult to make and, certainly, to explain in words, but after a few attempts you easily get carried away and understand how and where to apply the concealer, a fundamental step for the excellent success of this makeup. The more modern versions, directly from the Haute Couture shows, even use a simple line of colored eyeliner or black pencil , to float alone on the fixed eyelid, just above the eyelid crease, for a very special minimal effect.
Source: Instagram

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