Among all the 2020 hair trends , the return of curly hair stands out . We see them on high fashion catwalks, on social media, in magazines and among celebrities. For example, the very Italian Maria Grazia Cucinotta , who recently showed off a curly hair that immediately went viral. And, let’s face it, curly hair brings a breath of naturalness, freshness and gives a more spontaneous, free, wild look. But we can say goodbye to irons and
straighteners Well, it depends on the natural shape of the hair. For wavy hair, in fact, it will be easier to obtain elastic and defined curls, not to mention those who already have them naturally. For the smooth or fine ones, however, it will be necessary to create very tight curls, with a small , special iron . But whether they are wavy, tight curls, short, long or with bangs, for everyone there is the perfect cut.
Source: Instagram The must have of the season: curly hair with fringe
One of the trends for 2020 is the fringe , whether it is full, scaled, curtain, on very short or long hair. And curly hair does n’t escape this trend either, but rather, they fully embrace it. No, we are not talking about the smooth bangs on curly hair, in fashion in the 2000s, but about the curly bangs. Even if it seems difficult to manage, with the right products and drying methods, it frames the face and gives a jaunty air, a little wild, but also perfect with more elegant looks, to give a boost of vitality.
On long or medium hair the most suitable is a curtain fringe , especially for hair with less full-bodied and more wavy curls . It curls on the sides of the face, highlighting the eyes but also the lips, depending on where the tufts end. But also a fringe that covers the forehead is perfect for highlighting the eye area , especially for very voluminous hair with tight and elastic curls.
Source: InstagramShort curly hair to frame the face and enhance the eyes
But not only curly on long hair, this year we will see short and very short cuts with big and full curls or Afro style, smaller and more tight. The pixie cut is really glam and trendy, perhaps with a slightly shorter side and a cascade of longer curls that fall on the forehead, or short micro curls that remain firmly in place. But the real trend is curly and short hair with a very short baby fringe , which falls only on the initial part of the forehead, without completely covering it.
Source: Instagram Wavy or very wavy and long hair, romantic and wild at the same time
Do not worry for those who do not have very curly hair or for those with long hair. There is no limitation to the curly hair trend 2020 , but quite the contrary. Go ahead for natural , wavy or very wavy hair , to give a touch of liveliness to your look. A sparkling, jaunty and a little wild air, for fluffy hair that, if necessary and with the right accessories, makeup and outfits, can take on a more romantic air, also perfect for an elegant evening or when you want to feel neater, despite the rebellious look of the hair.
Source: Instagram

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