Rebellious, indomitable, but beautiful. Curly hair is a cross and a delight for many women. Many girls dream of having them and resort to straighteners, curling irons and products to get the longed-for ringlets, while the lucky few who have natural curls often complain that they can’t tame them and struggle with frizz on a daily basis. In any case, curls are always very fashionable, perfect both naturally and to create super cool hair styles . The important thing is to take care of them in the best possible way and use the right products to obtain a defined and perfect curl. Curly hair: cuts Curly hair needs the right cut
to be enhanced at its best. The latter will be chosen with the advice of the hairdresser, who will be able to indicate the right option to hide facial defects, make the features more harmonious and improve your appearance in general. That said, the cut can be chosen, always with the help of a professional, based on the shape of the face.
If you have a round and chubby face , the advice is to focus on a curly haircut that helps you to enhance the features of the face and make it leaner. The perfect solution is a medium length, for example an asymmetrical and scaled long bob, ideal for “keeping at bay” a voluminous and rebellious hair. Instead, avoid short cuts , because, especially in the case of curly hair, they frame the face too much.
Women who are lucky enough to have an oval face will be spoiled for choice. In fact, this type goes perfectly with any cut, from short, to long, up to medium, even more so if you have curly hair. If you dream of a volume effect that leaves you speechless and gives you a bad girl look , bet on a carre that is sure to effect.
Obviously the more the hedgehog will be defined, the more difficult it will be to tame the hair, so we recommend a very short and jaunty cut only to those with slightly wavy hair or not too curly. In this case it will be possible to dare much more, with surprising results.
Curls are also perfect in women who have strong features and a square face, because they allow you to soften the “angular” features of the face and make it more feminine and sweet. In this case we advise you to opt for a voluminous, full and a little wild hair style, made even more chic by a nice side tuft.
Different speech for those with a heart-shaped face, with a protruding chin and strong features. In this case the best choice is a long bob that manages to soften the cheekbones and frame the face in a delicate way. Finally, if the shape of your face is slightly elongated, you can opt for various solutions: the bob and short cuts, which highlight curly hair or a long cut with fluffy and chic diva curls. Curly hair: colors and shades
What color to choose for curly hair
If it is true that “every curl is a whim” it is also true that “every curl is a nuance”. A hair of this type is in fact perfect for highlighting the reflections of the color you choose. In this case it is essential to ask for the help of a good colorist , who will be able to show you the right choice by also studying your hair.
Brunettes should prefer caramel and hazelnut nuances, which give lightness and elegance, without creating excessive contrasts, defining the curls and making them beautiful. For blond women with curls, on the other hand, the ideal choice is undoubtedly blonding , it is a technique that naturally illuminates the hair , in a perfect play of light and shadow. How does it work
In the area near the roots the original color is maintained, while as the tips are reached it becomes lighter and lighter. Unlike shatush or balayage, however, once you get there, the hair color becomes darker.
Finally, curls should follow some main rules to take care of their hair. Use moisturizing and leave-in products, making them absorb well and defining all curls. Dry the hair using the diffuser and avoid the comb as it could create the hated frizz effect.

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