The kingdom of Genovia is widely known thanks to the two films in the Surprise Princess saga , starring Anne Hathaway . Now a junior designer from the National Currency and Stamp Factory has done an original job that has consisted of designing a banknote that would be real in that fictitious kingdom, Genovia.

Juan Manuel Garces Cabanillas , artistically known as Juanmo , is the creator of the ticket inspired by the movie Princess by surprise. The young man from Cuenca tells us the intrahistory of a job that is giving a lot to talk about. “Through a master in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuencathey have taught us to design valuable documents. One of the jobs was to design our own ticket and I chose the Princess theme by surprise because it has always been one of my favorite movies. And furthermore, it met all the necessary requirements to make a ticket, since it is a country that has a head of state”, explains the 24-year-old.
Juanmo has taken three months to design this banknote with front and back. It complies with all security measures, it has exactly the same as a euro bill. Queen Mia is the main motif on the front of the banknote: the burin interpretation . When creating his image, he has based himself on the day of his coronation, specifically on a scene from the moviesurprise princess 2 The designer has taken into account a more mature version of the queen to be more in line with current times.
Asked about the purpose of the work, he tells us the following: “On the one hand, I have to demonstrate my abilities in the subject, but I also wanted to endorse my multidisciplinary character , choosing a topic of millennial culture on which to experiment. The teachers, Manuel and Fernando , told us that we did not have to repeat the euro, but that we should innovate and introduce new techniques and aesthetics”, explains Juanmo.
Owing its name to the Queen Mother Clarissa , her face also appears on the note. Specifically, in thewatermark . In honor of its title, the OVI ink serigraphy highlights its position on the bill, indicating where it should be viewed against the light. Both the scepter (on the obverse holographic foil) and the pear (false intaglio on the reverse) represent the continuity and renewal of the kingdom of Genovia. The economy of the kingdom is based on the production and sale of pears. His relationship with money is close and he deserves to have a leading role in the ticket.
Juanmo, an artist belonging to the LGTBIQ+ collective , is a true reflection that talent has space in classic institutions such as the National Currency and Stamp Factory , where he worked as a junior designer in the Research and Development department .

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