The Shar Pei is one of the most peculiar dogs that exist and this is due to the wrinkles that surround its entire body and face, which are especially abundant and thick when they are puppies and in the juvenile stage. As it reaches adulthood, they soften or disappear in some areas, remaining more visible on the head, withers and neck.
But this is not the only peculiarity of this pet, so today we show you more curiosities that perhaps you did not know about the Shar Pei.

Curiosities that perhaps you did not know about the Shar Pei

-The wrinkles that they have in their body are due to the fact that they have a genetic predisposition that produces a large amount of hyaluronic acid , generating a heavy, fleshy and thick skin.
-Coincidentally, his wrinkles are related to his name. “Shar pei” means ” sand skin “, so that touch of sand is associated with the wrinkles that the dog has.
-Frequently they suffer from some cutaneous pathologies such as: pyoderma, pododermatitis, allergic dermatitis or cutaneous mucinosis, which is evidenced as small bumps or blisters that suppurate mucin, on extremities or under the neck.
-There are two types of Shar Pei, although for people this information usually goes unnoticed. The Chinese has a slim body and is tall and large, while the American Shar Pei has more marked wrinkles and its body is smaller and stronger .
-Special care must be taken with your wrinkles becausecould accumulate dirt or parasites . Here we leave you an article about the care that dogs with wrinkles need.
They were about to become extinct because in China pets began to be considered a luxury of the upper class, so the extermination of a multitude of animals was ordered, among which this breed of dog was found, but in the 70s some of these animals were rescued and taken to the United States, where breeding continued.
There can be Shar Pei of many colors: black, gray, cream, reddish or sand (the most common).
Its tongue is another of the most peculiar characteristics, being blue like that of the chow chow.
-You have to pay a lot of attention to this breed and insist on its education since they tend to be (especially when they are puppies) a little disobedient.
-The wrinkles on his face can give him problems and sometimes they have to operate and put staples in his eyes for a while so that he can have a better vision. For this reason, you have to clean that part frequently and make sure that everything is correct.

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